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Friday 5 April 2019

Tale of Five Gamers- Call of the Brayherd

So my beastmen project is inspired by the original Tale of Four Gamers, with my army choice and colour scheme being shamelessly taken from Paul Sawyers beastmen. 

I was never keen on the children of chaos until I read the tale of gamers and then it was a project I was keen on but never got round to. I’m a bit fan of the original beastmen aesthetic i.e. the goat-man. So expect a lot of that!

Whilst the herdstone model is great and I will do one, I’m also keen to do my own, so we will see how that goes.

I rolled my army at random just like JB, I started with a beast lord and my five choices are:

- Great Bray Shaman
- 10 Gors
- 10 Ungor Raiders
- 3 Bullgors (count as two choices)

I bought a start collecting box and a beast lord which covers most of it, so off we go! Here are the first ten Gors, I’m really pleased with them and love the models, we will see if I still love them once I do more!

Onward on the path to glory!

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Tale of Five Gamers: JB's Blades of Khorne

Hi Folks,

Very long time no see! So although the blog has been quiet, we've all been churning out plenty of figures. I'll post some of my backlog up for you guys to see.

Anyway, as Stonedrose said we're doing a Tale of Gamers painting challenge with an aim to play Path to Glory. I had just started my 30K and 40K Daemons army with some Nurgle units, with a view to move onto Khorne next. So this challenge seemed like a great way to kill two birds with one stone #twobirdskullsfortheskullthrone

So I've randomly generated my Warband, the first unit of which is 10 Bloodletters.
I'll be honest with you, they're not my best work however I had a really good time painting them. Not really sure why either to be honest, I just found myself really wanting to do another squad afterwards.

My Warband will continue to grow over the coming months and I'll keep you all in the loop :)

Thanks Folks!

Monday 1 April 2019

A Tale of Five Gamers

In attempt to reignite community spirit and to reinvigorate the blog, we have decided to do afull on tale of gamers!

Now I’m old and crusty and to me this means Paul “fat bloke” Sawyer and Beastmen, to others it might mean Aaron Dembski-Bowden writing excuses and doing nothing, either way the premise is simple:

1. Everyone picks an army

2. We all regularly assemble and paint a set amount of figures each month.

In our case- 10 infantry/3 cavalry/1 large monster but you can do more if you like.

3. We try to play some games in between- in this case Path To Glory.

4. We end up with a serviceable army which may go on to greater things...

So we have five taking part, myself, JB, Abe, Dave and a new blogger (who hasn’t signed up yet). We will try to post at least monthly with pics as we go.

So without further ado I’ll let everyone introduce themselves and their armies...

Saturday 9 March 2019


Well, you think you’ve looked away for a minute and life/the blog passes you by....Ferris Bueler was right! Here’s some Necromunda stuff to make up for it:

Apologies for the lack of activity on the blog, it’s not that we’ve given up but sometimes life and toy solider get in the way of writing about toy soldiers!

We’ve been up to quite a few things recently so here’s a list of stuff we can aim to cover to put the pressure on:

- Necromunda
- Titanicus
- New Horus Heresy stuff as eleven club members went to the the Horus Heresy Weekender in February.
- Star Trek ascendency  
- 10mm WWII and the completion of my French army for this

So without further ado, the figures above are from Artel W and they are high quality resin top notch figures, we are using them as arbiters in our campaign. The boss is Judge Anderson style and very nice indeed. I have one more to do but he’s a bit different and for another day. These are pretty pricey but a great paint.

Monday 1 October 2018

Adeptus Titanicus Reaver Titan

So here’s my favourite Titan, the reaver Titan, I’ve been a fan of this Titan since the tyranids came out for epic and were featured taking down a reaver Titan battle group, which really shows my age!

This is Gyruum Invictus the first of my battlegroul of three titans. I magnetised the arms as I did the warlord but it was a bit more difficult. 

Again the colour scheme is the same colours but hopefully with enough variation in the pattern. Lots of muzzle burn on this Titan using the techniques from the Horus Heresy masterclass book by forgeworld.

A bit of detailing and wearying on the feet with various chipping, dusting and sponging techniques.

Monday 24 September 2018

Adeptus Titanicus, Second Warlord Titan

So here’s another Warlord Titan, colour scheme reversed a bit, so he fits in, but he is different too!

I really enjoyed painting the warlords, however, the first was a little daunting and there is a lot of detail!

The skeleton of the Titan was airbrushed and then the plates were airbrushed in the sprue, everything was then assembled and the lining and rivets were painted.

Monday 17 September 2018

Adeptus Titanicus-Legio Atarus Warlord Titan

Hello again everyone.... it’s harder than I thought keeping up regular posting on the blog so thanks to everyone else for keeping things going.

I’ve been absorbed in a few things recently, work, baby daughter, working out....

However, whilst I haven’t kept up with my Heresy painting, I did go all in for titanicus!

So here is my first Warlord Titan, Scion of Flame, of the Legio Atarus!