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Monday, 11 September 2017

More Thousand Sons

Ok, more Thousand Sons it is then. A little more of the same this time, a second squad of veterans, this time with a heavy bolster. Same techniques as previous, but army is really bulking out now. Also, five Sekmet, adding my first actual thousand Sons unit to the army, quite nice to paint as they're pretty straightforward to paint with few fiddly bits. I added a chainfist to the squad as tank killing power is a bit low with their options beyond combi Meltas.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Heavy support

So, time to add some firepower and durability to the army. Missile launchers were an easy choice due to all the missile launchers on the mkIV spree. Again the white weapon casing problem was an issue here, but three coats of Ulthuan grey after an initial base coat of Celestra grey and they should be ok. Next up some terminators, I've been keeping ten of these plastic cataphractii from Betrayal at Calth with no real plan, so I thought why not? They could also be psykers, which is good. I realised that FW have shown Sekhmet terminators with white shoulder pads, so since these weren't Sekhmet I went for red shoulders with white transfer, that way the Sekhmet would stand out when I get round to them.