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Friday, 19 January 2018

Bloodbowl, Bloodbowl and more Bloodbowl

Hey guys, Abe here.

It' been a hectic couple of months but I've decided to get back into the swing of things and paint up my new Bloodbowl team. For christmas I recieved a box of green, slimy, mischevious imps:
I forsee no problems arising from this.
Anyway without further ado heres my bloodbowl team, the Sing Sing Stranglers.
Thats right it's Goblins.
 I have never really played with a Gobbo team before but as they were a suprise gift, and pleasing to look at to boot, I decided to make them my team for the upcoming league.

  First I decided on the theme, after decided they were all filthy criminals I decided to make them wear orange jumpsuits and then pick them out with a little gold bling.

First things first I decide to paint my trolls, the first was the old bloodbowl troll that was kindly donated and the second was the new troll released for bloodbowl, take your pick which is your favourite.

Typical prima donna Bloodbowl player hiding from the cameras

Next I moved on to the three forgeworld secret weapons; the fanatic, looney and bombadier. These are lovely models but forgeworld do need to pull their finger out and relase the last three; the pogoer, doom diver and ooligan.

It takes real ball to be a fanatic... I'll show myself out.

  Finally I took matters into my own hands and created a ooligan of my very own, these fellas come with disturbing prescence so I had to think of something disturbing and well...
What's more disturbing than a Goblin clown?
Thats it for now folks, later we'll be posting about the Section 8 Bloodbowl league but for now enjoy.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My first Predator

Okay so first thing is, this was my first predator...ever. Like ever. I had an old old plastic one that my dad got me when I was little, but it was unpainted, had no sponsons on account of them being snapped off, and no turret, that went walkies long before it came to me. So this gunmetal bad lad was to be the first of many.

Currently I have 2 preds in my Iron Warriors now, with plasma and conversion beaters. I've used both but I personally much prefer the Beamer. It feels very IV legion to just sit back and melt people from 48-72 inches away! Both weapons were magnetised so I could chose my fancy on the day ?
Love the tank and it's joined the already full ranks of my IW, it's got a lot of tanks, but after doing two of these I want more! I have a lot of tanks for the IV but I think the next thing would be some more land raiders. I have 2 now, one Achilles alpha and one old old plastic block (you know the one, looks like the old remote control car that one friend of yours had). So I'd say 2-3 Mkii b's...we'll see. But hey there are always more World Eaters to be done, bad JB! Focus on one legion at a time...oh and maybe I should finish those Skitarii...

Thanks folks

Monday, 15 January 2018

Raven Guard- Drop Pods

I have six drop pods.... six! Painting these sapped my life away. They are hard work.

The paint scheme was a simple black scheme with weathering. I chipped the models with a sponge and used an airbrush for the re-entry marks.

Of my two drop pods, two are death storms, these have a useful distraction in games. They’re also dangerous enough to do some damage, particularly when armed with krak missiles.

My raven guard army is all about the alpha strike and these are a major part of it!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Horus Heresy Weekender

Once again the weekender comes around. I’ve been to all of these events from the very start, I’ve enjoyed them all, they’re not cheap and in my opinion you go with money in your pocket, after all it is a retail event. After a couple of years I convinced some of the others, so Abe and Dave have already been to a couple and for JB this will be his second weekender.
One of my pics from a previous Weekender, did my Corax end up like this?

I’ve went to great lengths to go to these events, since I’ve been to them all I’ve tried to keep it up, even if the releases aren’t for me. This has lead to some sacrifices, namely by my long suffering fiancĂ©e, who kindly went on her birthday weekend when the Heresy team change the event from April to February. This involved me booking the el presidente suite and calling in a lot of favours, she also attended the first event as a customer and got some funny looks from the regular clientele in her giant bunny jumper (she is definitely not a gamer girl).

Every weekender is important for at least one of us, this year the other three get the limelight as they have the following interests:

Daveco- Blood Angels
Abenormal- Dark Angels
JB- Dark Angels

Maybe we’ll see some of this at the Weekender...or maybe loads of Wolves!

Whereas I’m hoping for some of the missing space wolf releases and Necromunda stuff, either way, I’m sure we’ll have a good time again. If anyone wants to say hello we will all be wearing white carnations....

We’ll likely be heading to Warhammer world first for a game, last year it fell apart because of Abenormal.....but that’s another story. Needless to say we hope he has a routefinder this year.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Raven Guard - Dark Furies

Here we go with some more ravenguard. Dark Furies are top figures, but due to the paint job a bit understated, but maybe that’s raven guard all over!

I did the wings with a grey face using an airbrush, it seems to have come out ok, but the wings seem partial to chipping despite a coat of matt varnish.

Bit of metallic weatherin on the jump packs to finish, I suspect this would look quite good army wide. However, they’re kind of all done now and it’s hard to go back an army!

Since my army is quite shooty, it’s hard to find a role for these guys and I struggled to use them initially. However, eventually I settled using them to fight fires as a reactive defensive unit. They’re a bit expensive for that but they seem to do it well!

Friday, 5 January 2018

World Eater Terminators

Hello again folks, the newest edition to my collection are these fine chaps.

So my army is going to be full drop assault, so the terminators are going to drop down in a nice blob curtesy of the teleportarium. First issue, they'll be in aforementioned blob, prime for ap2 blast, yes I'm looking at you plasma destructors. Second, I'm not using nuncio vox's, I really can't see the bloody 12th being sane enough to bother. That all said, still excited to use them.

Model wise, a joy to paint. Was really nice painting something other than a regular marine and following on from the dreadnought I was inspired to try some larger models. I'd say the main thing with these was that they began life as Iron Warriors, I just repainted them. I had 30+ Cataphractii for my IW and when the Tyrant Siege Terminators (FINALLY) came out I thought I really didn't need that many. To be honest if I ever change my mind, I'll just have to get some more.

Thank again!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Raven Guard- veterans and melta support squad

Hello again, more raven guard units. This time veterans, which I have twenty of and a ten man meltagun support squad. These guys are all in drop pods and aim for the alpha strike on the enemies best units. They can’t take a beating though so they have to kill what they engage really quickly!

The awful sniper flamer combo, if anyone can do it maybe raven guard?

There are another five marines in this squad

The sniper flamers are good for killing elite infantry before they do too much damage. The meltagun squad has to carefully choose targets as the use of ceramite armour seems about 50:50 in heresy as it’s expensive stuff and sometimes your opponent has no meltagun.

More to come!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Daveco's Human Blood Bowl Team

Many years ago, before I played Blood Bowl me and Abe used to Play a Football (Proper English football) game on the old PS2. In the game you could create your own team and enter it in the Leagues around Europe. Me and Abe came up with our own team to play in the Dutch League (FC VOORDUN). My blood bowl team is painted in our old colours (home) as they just worked well together.

I also wanted them to look a little different form the Normal figures so I picked up the Forge World upgraded team. Then carefully trimmed all of the spikes of the armour, hopefully to give them a sleeker more athletic look. 

So, without any more football puns here is some pics of VERDOON VENGEANCE my human team.

Orange Shorts with White Shirts and Black accessories. Simple but very… striking… see what I did there?

Close ups on the Positional players




Hope you Enjoy.