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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Ravenguard- Legion Vigilator

This was my first character model for my Ravenguard, reckon he still stands the test of time and as there is no official model, good job I have him!

This Vigilator is a super Ravenguardy character, he isn’t that great overall but I’ve found him highly survivable and annoying for my opponents, so he often features in my armies.

The conversion uses a mkIV recce marine, a piece of manufactorum scenery, a marine head from god-knows-which plastic sprue and a converted stalker Bolter.

A closer look at the Bolter helps me explain the conversion. I took a plastic mkVI Bolter, added a sight from the mkVII sprue. Then I cut off the barrel and pinned a ruberized paper clip in (my favourite pinning item). I then used a high elf spear as the silencer. Ta-da!

I think he’s one of my better conversions!

Till next time


Monday, 26 February 2018

Ravenguard- Alvarex Maun Conversion

So, here we go....

I wanted to add Avlarex Maun to my army as he helps the drop pod aspect and messed with my enemies reserves, thus preventing early reactions t my alpha strike with the pods.

But no model....probably never going to be one in my eyes...

So, how I made my version...

The main body is from the mkIV command pack. I then added an arm and power sword from the mkIV marine sprue, as Alvarez does carry a power sword. Next I added a Ravenguard shoulder pad and a standard plastic mkIV backpack.

The head was going to be the difficult bit, he’s meant to look like this:

I ended up with something slightly different, I used a space wold head and cut off the ‘burns. So his Mohawk has been left to grow a bit. I was going to paint in some facial hair but decided against it in the end. So here he is! In retrospect I’ve seen other conversions using a master of signal backpack to represent his special cox. Mine is more understated, I’m still happy and he’s definitely helped in my games!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Raven Guard- Darkwing Gunships

So, the start of my Ravenguard Airwing. Darkwings are a must in any Ravenguard army in my opinion

Two separate birds here if you can spot the difference, similar scheme to the Xiphons, using corvus black as an "off black" to create some contrasts between the base layer.

Got to say these are a pain to put together, as you can tell from the past I've done three now and it doesn't seem to get any easier.

Hopefully I'll get a change to photograph some characters this week and talk about my Alvarex Maun conversion!

Until next time...


Monday, 19 February 2018

So Very Tired...

  Evening folks, Abe here.

  So I know it's been a little while since I posted and there is a very simple explanation for my absence from the blog; laziness.
Sloth, both my favourite creature and favourite deadly sin
   But seriously folks I'm actually going to be talking about a very serious subject and a blight upon the gaming community as a whole. I talk, of course, about hobby fatigue.

  Hobby fatigue is a curious affliction and will on a long enough time line will affect even the most rabid of hobby enthusiasts and here are a few tips for staving off this horrendous condition:

1 Keeping up Apperances:
  We've all been their before you turn up at your favourite gaming table open your carry case  only for your models to fall out in a thousand seperate pieces.  
It's alright, I can fix this.
  You sigh and reach for a bottle of glue, or maybe you don't, maybe you forgot your glue or just don't want to fix it their and then and so you play on with a broken model and a little more of your soul dies with each move.
  The next week a new model has broken, at home one gets dropped. Long story short paint will chip regardless of how much varnish you put on. It's at this time it's important to remember that maintaining your models are important. If you don't eventually every model in your army will bear damage, and not the cool paint effect kind, it is far better to do little bits of repair often rather than losing days or even weeks to the rabbit hole of maintainance.

2 Try Something New
  If, like me and many other gamers at Section 8, you have large armies it can get dull painting the same colour scheme over and over again and it is at this point it could be time to branch out.
  We are currently in a golden era of gaming with more games, and more importantly more smaller games than ever before.

To name but a few.

  If you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself to finishing off your army pick up one of the smaller gaming systems and painting some of those models. I had completely lost any enthusiasm for painting my new Emperors Children army until I had finished my goblin team for Bloodbowl and just like that my painting mojo came flowing back.

3 Take Time off
  If you still find that you don't feel particularly motivated to paint after all this why not take some time off. Dust off an old RPG pick up a board game, anything that will take your mind off of painting for a little while.

4 Palate Cleansers  
  Finally, why not try painting a single model. Pick a model, any model that you've always wanted to paint. Find something, challenging, beautiful, something that stand outs. It doesn't matter if you collect that army or even play that gaming system. Finding something different will help and pushing your skills in a new direction never hurts.
Beauty personified.
Hope that helps people. Till next time.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Raven Guard- Xiphon Interceptors

I wasn’t too keen on this model originally, but given time it’s defintately grown on me

I really had a fiddle with the airbrush for these. I wanted them to look a bit battered, as they’re meant to be old fighters pressed back into servic3 due to the Heresy. 

My two fighters form an air superiority wing, other than Corax, I couldn’t think of a good Lord of War choice, so this is it!

Whilst brittle, these tend to perform well. Particularly when my opponent doesn’t have any good AA, such as a Deredeo.

Until next time!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Raven Guard- Armoured Proteus Landraider

After all the excitement of the Weekender and the battlereport, I think it’s time to get back to what Magnusfolly does best, lots of painted heresy stuff!

Why have a landraider in your Ravenguard army? Well when it’s an armoured proteus and messed with reserves, that’s when!

The main reason I have one of these is because it was one of the first Heresy tanks available and I was buying everything at the time! It was for my original Thousand Sons army, when that became defunct and I sold it, I repainted this model for my Raven Guard.

I tend to fill this with seekers, they’re a bit of a nightmare on the first round of shooting if you nominate the right unit. The proteus’ scout move gets them in rapid fire range! Until next time....

Monday, 12 February 2018

The Siege of Ambrose House Conclusion

  Hey everyone, Abe again.

  So that was the battle of Ambrose House, I must admit the game did not go entirely as I had planned. I point blank forgot to bring on my breacher squad (although they are so slow they would have played almost no part in the game) and my two rhinos deciding to die in synchronisation was not helpful.
  I would say that the biggest problem with my army as usual is speed, Salamanders are tough as old boots but boy are they slow.
  Of course my defending units acted like damn heroes weathering everything that my opponent could throw at me.
  And finally I wish we could have gotten to see who would have won the praetor fight but alas turn limits are a harsh mistress. Although if you think about it didn't this type of ending give us one of the greates Rocky moments of all time?
No, wait, not this one. This one...

  Well thanks for reading, until next time.


Well... Not as planed...

It was a good game for sure, plenty of “oh S*@t moments and a few of me laughing as the weak imperial dogs were torn asunder… Ahem. I maybe should have thrown my entire force at the defenders in turn 1 and 2, but where is the fun in that. My Sicaran was a bit of a let-down, I have used Vallia Vor (name of the tank) many times, it is one of those "50/50" units. The Tank is sometimes great and other times killed without a shot.
 My unit of the game goes to the Brotherhood of Duplicity Terror Squad, achieved little other than a petty kill on Abes veterans and then stole their rhino. Like true VIII Legion heroes!

After the game we did indeed let the two Praetors fight in a Rocky III style single spot lit arena. What happened? What do you think? Post comments on it, You could even take a leaf our of Abes book a write a short narrative about it.

Hope you enjoy our battle report it was a great day on the table top.

Friday, 9 February 2018

The Siege of Ambrose House Part 3

  The air shrieked as the melta gun discharged, catching the Night Lords terminator square in the chest. For a second the ancient technologies intergrated into the armour withstood the energy beam before winking out, the breastplate sagged and melted, the marine inside howling in agony before falling silent.
  Tov'firn the terminators executioner felt grim satisfication as the other threat runes indicating the enemy terminators blinked out of exsistence one after the other. He tracked the mansions darkened halls with the barrel of his weapon, hunting for new targets. He barely registered the flash of silver as Avros blade swept by easily parting the marines head from his shoulders.
  Avros barely paused to savour his newest kill, instead falling upon Tov'frins battle brothers granting each a single perfect cut from the blade in his fist. The squad died in silence never even seeing their killer pass by.

  The Night Lords praetor came to rest a dead salamander at his feet the only noise in the building the tic of cooling metal and the steady drip of blood droplets from his blade joining the expanding pool at his feet.
  Fleshy lips part in a rictus grin as his retinue spread out darkness clinging to them like a cloak of shadows.
  The battle was his, even with their best ranged against him he had toppled the might of the salamanders eliminating a valuable ally under their nose. He turned ready to board his transport and leave triumphant.
  As his foot touched the ramp the approaching land raider and vindicator unleashed their full fury, corrsucating beams of light tearing through the fuselage like tissue paper causing it to explode throwing the Night Lords commander to the ground. Pulling himself up he quelled his rage, clearly the Slamanders had more fight than he gave them credit for, falling back into the mansion Avros checked the load in his bolt pistol and prepared to fight.

  Oth'hilo felt the familiar tingle in what remained of his arms that indicated his lascannons had recharged, activating his tageting array he waiting for the display to overlay the low profile of the remaining storm eagle and fired doing extensive damage to one wing, engines erupting in bright flame. Distantly he felt the tingle begin again as his weapons recharged.
  The veterans of Nocturns Pride and the terror squad of 3rd claw arrived at the mansion at the same time and a brief viscous firefight ensued, in the end the dimished squad of Night Lords proved no match for the overwhelming firepower of the salamanders.
  Cors cursed as the random fire from Kursh, the dying Night Lords land raider, obliterated a section of wall close to where Death of Kings was sheltering.
  "Return fire" bellowed Tan'Ro from his position in the drivers seat
  "Charging" replied Cors watching the gauges as they climbed towards full power
  A section of wall blew in less than a metre from their hull
  "Do it now" cried Tan apprehension making his voice tight
  "Charging" repeated Cor, he knew anything less than a full power blast wouldn't finish their prey
  A bolt passed by less than an inch from the hull of the tank, blistering the paintwork.
  "Firing" hissed Cors
  The bolt of light hammered out of the sicarans muzzle, hitting the towering landraider square in the hull, smashing the armour to splinters and cooking off the munitions inside. Oily black smoke billowed from the wrecked vehicle.
  "Did you get it?" asked Tan
  The gunner didn't answer straight away until a gust of wind blew a gap in the smoke, he felt a flush of shame seeing a once proud astartes vehicle brought low but quickly supressed it, this was the reality of the galaxy they lived in now. "Engine kill" he intoned looking up from the rangefinder
  "Good, lets find another victim" Tan said with relish gunning the engine.
        Smoke billowed from the engine compartment of the striken rhino as Kal'rath disembarked and began running towards the mansion. Overhead the jetbikes of Vulcans Fury passed overhead seeking entrance to the ruined mansion.

  Jareth strode into the ruined hall twisted flesh and scraps of cloth were all that remained of the govenor and his bodyguards, rent armour and split flesh were the hallmarks of his former bretheren. With a striken cry he launched himself at the laughing killers of his brothers the terminators at his back joining him.
  The apothecary and his retinue fought as men possessed reaping a high toll on the marines but they had underestimated the strength of their opposition and one by one they were overwhelmed. Jareth locked eyes with a tall marine, his ornate armour festooned with grisly trophies.
  "Face me" shouted Jareth leveling his gladius at the opposing commander
  With a dismissive shake of his head the praetor stepped back, blending into the shadows. Striking enemies out of his path Jearth bulled his way forward. He never saw the blow that felled him, he only felt the agony of chainteeth chewing through his flesh, rupturing one of his hearts.
  Jareth fell, watching as Ta'shen was swamped by the barbourous sons of Nocturne who hacked and tore at his venerable armour to slay the maine within.
  With shaking fingers Jareth reached to the container on his thigh, he could feel the intense cold even through his armour and a stream of liquid gushed from a hole in its side. The gene seed within would be ruined. As the darkness overtook him Jareth felt a wave of bitter despair.
  "Go, go, go" called Tarsus, pilot of the storm eagle Korvash-ull.
  The 10 marines of the terror squad in his hold flung themselves from their transport. Tarsus had managed to get his striken vessel under control and for a brief moment he contemplated abandoning the battlefield, but he had seen his lords storm eagle destroyed by loyalist fire. If he could save his lord from Salamander retribution he would be greatly rewarded. He briefly imagined himself being feted by the legion, groomed for higher office.
  With a grunt he threw the storm eagle into a bone crushing turn and powered towards the mansion broadcasting on his commanders private frequency.
  On the ground the Brotherhood of Duplicity landed by the salamanders veterans both sides tearing at each other viscously all of the veterans perished for the loss of four of the terror squad marines. Krant their sergeant looked around, their was no more victory here and that fool Avross was as good as dead, they needed to escape, he glanced over at the idling Salamnders rhino nearby and grinned. They didn't have any way off planet yet, but he had always found a smart commander could accomplish anything.

  Oth'hilo felt an unaccustomed pang of annoyance as his wounded target powered away from him he spoke a quick vow to himself that the traitors woud not escape. He opened fire his lascannon fire shearing away the tail section of the plane sending it spiralling into the wall of the mansion bringing the whole wing of the house down with it.
  Cor'tan watched with grim satisfaction as the Night Lords flyer demolished one of the mansions wall. "That's our way in" he roared gunning his bikes engine and leading his squad inside pouring fire into the traitors. The bikes slammed into the praetors squad crushing and tearing several members of the squad and losing none in return.
  This was too much for the Night Lords who turned and ran into the street, like rats seeking to escape a sinking ship.
  Avross stopped dead in front of him was his Salamnders counterpart.
  "This ends now" Kal'rath yelled across the courtyard to his enemy
  Avross swallowed his frustration, he did not need this complication but if he had to go through this blind fool to sucseed he would.
  "Yes it does" he agreed flourishing his sword and throwing himself at his enemy.

  Well that's it folks thats the end of the battle report let me know what you though and until next time.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Siege of Ambrose House Part 2

  Kal'raths gaze bored through the armourglass windows of the rhinos driver compartments, his fingers tightening on the haft of the thunder hammer as he surveyed the tide of destruction that had washed through the once pristine streets of the capital. The his right he could see the noble vindicator Lost Scion surge forward, the quad barrels of its laser array glowing white as they heated up.
  "Lord, vox chatter and auspex reading indicates heavy Night Lords prescene" intoned the driver
  "All ahead full" ordered the praetor feeling his battle lust swell

  Death of Kings, the Salamanders vindicator, emboldened by the destruction of its Night Lords counterpart now hunted bigger game. Easing into the shell of a burnt out building it carefully lined up a shot to the rear armour of Korsh. The gunners aim was true, layers of adimantium plating flashing into molten slag in an instant, but this was still not enough to destroy the behemoth.
  Jareth and his terminator companions forge ahead towards their foes, the Bedlam Crypt but were bogged down by enemy fire.
  Having taken a circuitous route through the city the elite veterans of the Salamnders managed to infiltrate closer to the fight managing to blindside the marines of the faceless murder who were too focused on the pyroclasts in front of them.
  Under sustanied fire from the pyroclasts, their landraider and the veterans the Faceless Murder were utterly destroyed in a great conflagration.

  Back at the mansion the govenor and his retinue hear the raptor squad approaching, rather than cowering in fear they advance opening fire on their would be attackers, killing all but one and forcing the survivor to flee into the street where he was cut down by fire from the advancing jetbikes.
  Deep in the bowels of the mansion a hatch grates open and figures emerge from the foetid darkness below. Stretching and checking equipment after the confines of the tunnel below, support squad from the Salamders force prepare to lauch an ambush against the Night Lord aggressors.
  Ouside the mortis tries to bring down the enemy storm eagle threatening the reinforcements but it deftly avoids the beams of light streaking towards it.

  Movitium rolls forward intent on delivering its terminator payload deep into the heart of the conflict, but the tank traps set on the defnces perimiter do their jobs, fouling the tanks wheels and pinning it in place. Inside the terminators howling at being denied the chance to join the bloodshed drop the assault ramp and charge forward.
  Overhead the storm eagles wheel and open fire doing mininmal damage to the land raider Pax Mortum.
  Kursh, enraged at the cowardly attack, grinds ponderously to face its tormentor. However, the shot has done more damage than anticipated and its targeting matrixes wouldn't function properly its shots going wide.
  The govenor drunk on the glory of seeing off the raptors assault focuses his fire on the terminators but finds them more than a match for his weaponry and their return fires kills them to a man.

  Jareth turns his eyes to the east and feels the first glimmers of hope as he notices streaks of orange and red on the horizon, like the whole sky was catching fire, the sun was coming up.
  The apothecary is now within striking distance of the rival terminators, he couldn't save the govenor but he could avenge him. The salamanders swept down upon their opposite number killing them all with no loses of their own.

  At the walls of the mansion the newly arrived terminators of the Head Takers stomp forward unheeding of the danger surrounding them. Errupting from cover the members of Dragons fire and Drakes Wrath trigger their weapons and obliterate the terminators ending their threat once and for all.
  Outside the mansion the vindicator and the two rhinos race forward seeking to aid their brothers. Disaster struck as the veterans found their vehicle snagged on machinery and the engine overheating in the second, slowing the advance of the loyalists.

  The Sicaran stunned at the continued survival of the land raider fires again the impact of the hit visibly lifting the tank from the ground before slamming it back down, one track a fused and molten mess.
  Third Claw finally emerge from the rubble of their ruined building and unleash their fury upon the members of Dragons Fire, cutting down all but their sergeant
  Kursh, blooded but unbowed, tries once more to target its enemies but fails to score any hits the behmoths frustraion is palpable.
  Korvash-ull hovered over the battlefield, powerful engines whipping up a storm of debris, and unleshed its payload at the loyalist terminators but failed to fell any of the mighty marines.
  The troop compartment of the traitor storm eagle Nishallitha Valas was as pitch black and as silent as the grave. The warriors entombed within stood still as statutes despite the turbulence they were the hunters of the legion, experts at the fine art of the killing blow and they would not strike until absolutely necessary.
  "It's time" a voice like a dying gust of wind blew through the compartment barely disturbing the air
  The ramp at the front of the craft yawned open and air thick with the smell of burning and carrior wafted in finally stirring the monolithic marines within.
  As swift and silent as a shadow Avros Jasster, blooded praetor of the Night Lords, flung himself from the plane his cloak whipping and writhing behind him like a living being. boots hammered into the cobblestones of the mansion. Death had come to Ambrose House.

Thats part two finished. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion. 

Monday, 5 February 2018

Daveco's Black Book of Heresy

It started as these things tend to, in the beginning. As our Bloggers arrived at warhammer world for our yearly pilgrimage to the Heresy Weekender. Abe and Stoned Rose, had vehicle issues as well you readers know. But what is not covered in the main weekender stories and fun is my Black book.

Black Library released a journal, a small black book with a golden book mark and lovingly embossed leather bindings. Its pages are thick and lined, at the bottoms of them is the heresy time line, detailing the important dates in it.


This was clearly a special thing, I myself am no writer or record keeper. So what to do with such a prize.
Nice thick pages

Important dates

Designed apparently by Tony Cottrell

I set myself the challenge of gathering every person who has anything to do with Heresy and getting them to autograph it. Normally not my thing either, some fans spend their lives gathering signatures and memorabilia of their heroes. But I am very new to this, so I set out at the weekender to get as many of them as I could. Artists, Designers, Authors and anyone else, it was like heresy Pokemon. But after the Entire weekend of my Ninja Commando actions and much sharpie scribbling I got every one of them except three. The three that got away. I will offer you no excuses as to why I did not get them but rest assured I will be tracking them down...
I missed Dan Abnett, Andy Hoare and Simon Eagn

Last one - Gave Thorpe

I will be at some point starting my Blood Angels army, that will naturally be posted on as it is built.
Hope you are enjoying Me and Abe's battle report too.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Newer stuff from day three of the weekender

Here’s some pics wiping comment for sake of speed, amazing necromunda stuff and some great new vehicles!

Pyrrhic cats for eschers

Water stealing bounty hunter I can’t remember the name of

Sumpcroc for Goliaths!

Cawdor bomb rats

Little blue familiar thingy- caryatid, apparently nowt to do with total recall, seems like I cheesed off the dude who wrote the rules by suggesting this....Quaaaade!

Escher character

Goliath weapons pack

More weapons

Squat bouncer hunter! Not the white dwarf in space 

House Orlck overlord and cyber mastiff

Orlock weapons pack

Orlock weapons pack

Painted warlocks

Deredeo middle rack

Spider man, spider man, mechanicum spider man

New dreadnought drop pod!