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Friday, 27 April 2018

Sons of Horus Terminators

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes, and it's full of these guys. Run! Flee for your lives!

So I got these done during the great winter of 2018. Basically they're a little project I have on the side. I wouldn't say it's "a new army", since it's one squad and it's going to stay one squad until I finish my other projects.

I set myself a few goals with this squad that I want to stick with. Apart from my Sisters of Silence force (who don't count ;) ) I tend to be very, ugh minimalist, when it comes to highlighting. It can very time consuming and I feel you need a lot of time to do it all in one go. Plus a lot of my Heresy armies have been very infantry focused and easily over a 100 models for some of them.

However, I love Cataphracts and so I figured if I have a small zone mortalis force and slowly build things up I can practice my highlights and get a nice looking army.

Why Sons of Horus? Well, I really like the green, red, black and bronze scheme. They are obviously the big bad of the Heresy and especially in Vengeful Spirit you see Abaddon leading a lot of Terminators in those decapitation strikes they're fond of.

I have a fiendish plan brewing with the tacticals, since I also want the full legion upgrades and for them to be Despoilers; but that's still a ways off.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Old Out of Production FW Lightning for sale

Hi everyone, I’ve decided to auction my old Forgeworld lightning. This is one of those hobby regrets that I never finished. It was bought for my old tallarn imperial guard army and I never quite got to it!

The model is in good condition, mostly assembled and with all the parts, it’s a one off auction you won’t likely see again as the model is OOP.

Only problem is that it doesn’t come with a mount for a flying base, but I’m sure there are ways of fixing that!

Check it out if you’re interested, I’m happy to post it anywhere!


Thursday, 12 April 2018

Iron Warrior HQ's

Hello guys,

So during the post 6k blues I went about trying to make loads of different Centurions and Consuls.

So the top dude is my champion. Very pleased with him, and he usually lives with the command squad, especially given they're meant to look similar. His sword and shield are both from shapeways, I really wanted his sword to look Greek or ancient world, just another thing to make him stand out.

The second is a Vigilator. I random choice but I had lots of bits and I liked the idea of an artillery spotter for my IW. I've used him a couple times and he's done meh. Rule wise he's cool but isn't going to change the course of the Heresy. However I love the model and the logic behind him so he gets used!

What about you guys? What is your favourite Consul?


Monday, 9 April 2018

Autocannon Iron Havocs

Hello Guys,

Another squad for my IW.

So these were my 2nd squad ever for Heresy. At this time I was mixing marks of armour, but quickly changed my mind thinking try to keep the marks the same per army. So my IW are MK3 except for 5 melta gun marines, and these 10 Iron Havocs. Anyway, Autocannons are my favourite weapons in Warhammer. I've always loved them from when I used to use them in my Steel Legion to now with the IW.

Havocs were originally BS4 which is good, especially with tank hunters, however once the update happened and they went to BS5 they became a must. I had them when they were BS4 and they still performed, but now they are a real game changer. Str7 is great for shooting everything (except land raiders) and I love the versatility. I'll put up my other two heavy weapon squads, one devastator with Volkite Culverins and one Havoc with missiles, once they're re painted.


Thursday, 5 April 2018

Daveco's Scourge Fleet - Drop Fleet Commander

Hello Blog fans,

This article is all about Drop Fleet Commander, a space ship battle game that is not 100 miles away from GWs Battle Fleet Gothic.

Written by Andy Chambers and David J Lewis (It is not the same game as Gothic but it has a certain feel of Gothic) This game is fun and involving shot on the space battle genre, with so many different layers of game play it sometimes becomes a true delicate balancing act of tactics and cunning that you never feel 100% sure of victory.

The Fleet.

The battle in most scenarios take place above a planet, you are normally attempting take control of the planet via atmospheric invasion. Using your drop ships you land armoured and infnatry formations in the worlds cities.

There are four layers to the combat;

Orbit - this is the space part and is often the domain of your capital ships, I will explain why later.

Low Orbit - this will inevitably be where most of your ship to ship happens as you attempt to escort your vulnerable landing ships into the atmosphere

Atmosphere - in this layer only certain ships can enter, Only specialised frigates (drop ships) can survive the re-entry process.  If larger ships are forced into atmosphere (by damaged engines for example) they are destroyed in re-entry! Yep that's right, huge bristling with plasma weapons battle ships destroyed by going too low! It happens more than you want!

Ground - once you have landed your forces they will battle it out on the ground vs you opponents landing forces
Head on attack, the Scourge need speed and surprise to overcome the foe

Cruisers and Frigates supported by Fighter and Bombers

All of these layers combine too, you can shoot up or down (with penalties naturally). Shooting has no range but us measured by yous ships scanner range and the targets energy signature. So an enemy ship burning engines or shooting its weapons will really light up on your scanners and thus attract more fire. It is a supremely clever system to use. Sneaky or shooty, up to you but the louder you are the more you attract the attention of enemy targeting systems

Capital ships, so much fire power but what a fire magnet!

 This level of tactical complexity would be a nightmare if not for the smooth and innovative game system. All of the units on the table are grouped together and are sorted via tonnage (Battle ships to Frigates) the Lighter the tonnage the faster they are. Each action has a phase and is done in order. The game runs smooth, it takes a little effort to get used to but after you do you fly through it.

Bulk lander's deploy thousands of troops to the planets surface

My Chosen fleet is the Scourge, a mix of TV and Film's Goa'uld and GWs Dark Eldar. A parasite race of conquering raiders with fast ships and a taste for Plasma death and nighmare razor worms!

To paint them was so very simple:

1 Upoll Black undercoat
2 Vallejo Model Air Chain-mail Silver (airbrushed on only the top surfaces)
3 Vallejo Model Air Hexed Lichen (airbrushed in thin stripes over the silver)
4 Vallejo Model Air Green Zinc Chrome (airbrushed in tin stripes over the silver, making sure to leave some silver showing through)
5 Vallejo Black and Oiled Earth washes 50/50 all over. (applied through the air brush with 25% air thinner added to the mix)
Lights, Lasers and Engines. Citadel Scorpion Green.
AND that's it! Very fast but effective.

That all for now. I hope you enjoyed it.


Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Iron Warriors Command Squad

Hello folks,

So once you hit about 6K in a Heresy army you usually do two things.

1) Plan another army with which to feed your addiction.
2) Buy and make more mad stuff you never planned on having.

My Iron Warriors are testimony to both, as the Blood angels and World Eaters kicked off around then, and I also started converting and making models that I never planned.

So I made these guys...

I'm really happy with these chaps, they were just a challenge to make something cool and I'm happy so mission accomplished. Happy with the poses and how they look, another favourite of mine.

The weapons and shields are from Shapeways- POP Goes the Monkey. The selection is excellent and new stuff goes up very regularly, lots of Legion and 40k stuff. They also have a huge selection of shoulder pads for lesser known legions 2nd founding onward. Who knows I might finally get to do a Blood Raven army.
The reason behind the spears was that my IW are themed as Greeks (yes the shields are Roman, sue me) as the IW are from the planet "OLYMPIA". It doesn't get more Greek than that. 

Rule wise, they do okay. The banner is excellent for the fearless bubble in melee, and the bonus wound is more useful than you'd think. The only negative is that the squad cant buy boarding shields, only combat. It's fine really, I just have to be super hot on my rules as to not disadvantage my opponent with the defensive grenade rules.

Thanks again