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Monday, 11 September 2017

More Thousand Sons

Ok, more Thousand Sons it is then. A little more of the same this time, a second squad of veterans, this time with a heavy bolster. Same techniques as previous, but army is really bulking out now. Also, five Sekmet, adding my first actual thousand Sons unit to the army, quite nice to paint as they're pretty straightforward to paint with few fiddly bits. I added a chainfist to the squad as tank killing power is a bit low with their options beyond combi Meltas.


  1. Vets are really brutal in 30k generally, but for Thousand Sons they're incredibly powerful. They're pretty much a must have, especially with the unique ammo.

    Loving the Sehkmet!

  2. Lovely work! Always happy to see more Thousand Sons on the Heresy side!