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Monday, 28 May 2018

More word bearers- Terminators

Next squad is some cataphractii, I’ve had these lying around for a while after buying six betrayal at calths....

They didn’t fit into my other armies due to legion specific Terminators or a less than terminator friendly aesthetic such as my raven guard.

The colour scheme came from a page in Horus Heresy book five and I started experiepmenting with the scripting transfers. 

I’m happy with how they came out but wonder about adding reaper autocannons as there’s not a lot of range on these guys and they are very slow.

Word bearers are supposed to be one of the most numerous legions, so exp3ct a lot more infantry to come!

Until next time,


Saturday, 26 May 2018

Zulu War Project Introductions. Daveco and CommiTzarSmith

It would be fair to say that on this Blog I am the "Historical Guy" despite having 3 Heresy Armies and having a back ground in 40k for the last 20 years. On this blog page I do tend to post up the "other stuff" you see. I have a passion for history as regular readers will know and I enjoy many different time periods. Our newest Blogger CommiTzarSmith is also very passionate about all things history! So we got our heads together and decided on a "NEW PROJECT" The Idea came to me when watching that classic film - Roadhouse. Patrick Swayze's gave me a light bulb moment! ZULU WAR! (Don't know why)
Thank you Dalton, Bars are always safe when you are the Cooler

So I organized with CommiTzarSmith about factions and units we would need.
The First 70, ready to assemble.

Naturally I would need Zulus, CommiTzarSmith would take care of the British. Luckily for me both Warlord Games and Perry Miniatures cover the Zulu war. So I bought sets from both. A Wagon (to plunder) and for some reason some brilliant 28mm Chickens from a company called Warbases. Either way in the next weeks and months Me and CommiTzar will be documenting our progress on the miniatures and eventual battles we will fight. For now know I have 176 Zulus to build and paint...

From the film - Zulu. These Warriors were brave and much feared

What Rules to use? Dont Know.

What Size of Games? Dont Know, but you never see a Handful of Zulus do you? NO you see THOUSANDS OF EM!

Again from the film Zulu. This is what will happen to CommiTzarSmiths lines, completely overrun!

See you later

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Word bearers and why the silence

Hello again, we’ve been pretty quiet recently and that probably needs some explaining. Sometimes life gets in the way of toy soldiers....and other times you get challenged to paint 1500pts in a month! So, I decided to work with what I had, which was a few boxes of betrayal at Calth and then I ordered a bit more I have close to 3000pts in two months!

I chose the Word Bearers as I wanted to make a good job of this most evil of legions and also as myself, JB and Ironandblood are going to try to do an armatura campaign at some point this year. I also saw that one of the Figure designers at Forgeworld had done a nice colour scheme on his army at the Horus Heresy Weekender, so I got the method and modified it slightly.

First figures were tactical marines, as they should be. I went for a varied base of dark earth, slate and middenheim tufts for contrast. Next time I’ll explain my painting method but for now, here’s 3 days worth of my first unit of Word Bearers.

Till next time, SR

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Word bearers- Gal Vorbak

Time for some signature units I think. Gal Vorbak are utterly brutal and really define the Word Bearers. I bought two packs, unfortunately one marine came without I contacted forgeworld, provided a photo and they were happy to fix it. If fact, they sent another squad, so minus my armless marine I have fourteen Gal Vorbak!

I’ve done the first five, using the same scheme as my other Word Bearers, the fleshy bits and bone were another matter. Used a straightforward dwarf flesh style scheme so the ruddyness complimented the dull red of the armour. I also added skulls to the bases.

I enjoyed painting these, but due to size and complexity, I only managed to do the first five, so lots more to do. I gave up on adding more of them to the one month challenge.

Until next time.