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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

After the fall of technology...

So folks...I'm back.

Where to begin with my woes? First my phone broke, and the new one wont let me post in the blog. Second, my pc broke so I had no means to post...
But I'm back now!

Anyway, the big news post weekender was that I got an airbrush. Started slowly and ruined a couple models but that's the only way you learn. Then I moved onto the bane of my existence, my unfinished Zone Mortalis Board. In less than a week I had finished the whole thing, after having it for over 18 months with 3 done by brush.
So I finished the board, did the white on a single World Eaters Drop Pod, and as I went to do the blue my compressor literally burst into flames with a loud bang...

I hate technology.

My review however, airbrushes are excellent. The speed factor alone makes them an incredibly useful addition to any painters arsenal. Sadly no pictures to show of my work, but once I get a new compressor I'll get some up straight away.

In the mean time I've been repainting my Iron Warriors so please enjoy my Destroyer Marine SGT and a couple of his pals.

These guys are done in the simple full gun metal armour, unlike some of my other units which have the golden trim. My logic being rather than give them the black armour most Destroyers have, that the Iron Warriors would simply not bother painting the armour. In terms of rules and using them on the table top, they're probably my favourite unit. They're just super cool and I love the idea of their weapons being so scary that even Legions are afraid to unleash them.

I have a question though guys, what is your favourite unit ever? Any army, any choice, I would absolutely love to hear peoples thoughts! :)

That's all for now. 
Thanks for reading folks, all us at Magnus Folly really appreciate it.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Daveco's Escher Gang - The Sector 7 Sump Cats

Hello blog followers,

Its been a while since you heard from me. I know Abe and I made a battle report but nothing directly for a while. Well I have been in one of those "hobby black holes" where I can’t figure out what to do or when to do it. But All that is gone now, my new project is an Escher Gang from Necromunda.

I have never palayed Necromunda before, having no good or bad habits with the game I set off to build my gang and then paint them.

Wargear: Tough call for me, Im a veteran of the GW game Inquisitor (best thing since sliced bread in my opinion) So on that knwledge pool I drew my basis for the gang. A well quipped Leader and then a functional and cheap equipped gang. Lasguns were a must because the Escher ones look great and I would have to take the Clans signature toxin thrower weapon.

What do they look like?

Well I was aiming for a gang of women, I drew inspiration from Mad Max 2 (who dose not really when making post-apoc things). In particular the 'Warrior Woman' played by Virginia Hay. To me is the archetype Escher.
House of Escher indeed.
So The finished results. I went with Purple and Yellow for the gang colours but kept the white armour plates. I wanted them to look striking but also keep within the dark and gritty under-hive theme. The women are tough remorseless fighters who live in a nightmare underworld. That said they take great pride and effort with their gang colours and weapons to keep them in the best condition possible.

I think they go well with the terrain I have and look a very striking and brutal force on the tabletop.
I have got, Goliaths and Orlocks to do next. They will be along in good time and hopefully with compliment these Gangers.

Until then see you later. 

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Escher Gang

First post here so be gentle.

Used to play Necromunda loads back in the day, but we pretty much always had to use proxy gangers; usually Catachan or Cadians.

So like a lot of people I was blown away by the new plastic Necromunda gangs and had to buy some.

Funnily enough my gang of choice at the time was actually Van Saar. Plasma guns and superior firepower is just an instant sell.

But I really wanted the Escher gang since they have that whole Mad Max Amazon thing going and it gives them a really striking look.

So as for colour scheme, Iam not going to lie, it was going to be black and then another colour. End of discussion. :D So I opted for red as the alternate colour for their "armour" and massive hair that could cleave a man in two. I've actually had these sitting around for a while after I did the test figure but I had a few really productive days with the snowfall.

Iam planning on having a game with them sometime. Then I'll have a better idea about how gangs and progression works in the game.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

World Eater Praetor/Champion

Hello again,

So Kharn was always going to lead my World Eaters from the offset. However using a special character every game isn't exactly fair or sportsman like, so I made a Praetor who could also act as a Centurion or Champion.

Happy with the model and paint job, he definitely does the job in my opinion.

Next for WE will be the drop pods. My list currently has 5 normal, 3 deathstorm and 2 Dreadclaws backed up with a Dreadnought drop pod for the Siege Dreadnought so I really need to get a move on with them.

Thanks for reading folks

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Another army! Rampagers for my World Eaters

A new army feature today. After I did my Iron Hands (yet to be revealed....maybe I'll redo them), I decided to do a traitor legion. As a challenge in painting white, I went for the World Eaters and also because they are iconic, super cool and I like the novel Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

I wanted an infantry heavy army, all World Eaters armies should be infantry heavy! Loads of assault troops. I started with tactical marines with bolt pistols and chainaxes, but more on those later. Today I'm showing may latest figures, a five man unit of Rampagers with jump packs.

Not a massive fan of these sculpts, I think the heads are a bit ugly and the gladiator aspect could have been more apparent (maybe helmets- gladiator style?). I used Kromlech swords for the falx bladers as the GW ones snap easily.

My method for the white is:

1. Undercoat white- with airbrush and vallejo white primer approx 1/4 vallejo thinner. This is imperative, you need a smooth base coat and for my spray can sometimes be grainy with white, so I used my airbrush.

2. Ulthuan grey air, same ratio as previous, consistency of milk,

3. Line the detail with the following mix Nuln oil/Agrax/Lahmian medium 1:2:1

4. Tidy up

5. Either line highlight with skull white OR before step 2 use the airbrush to highlight raised areas with white (I use vallejo air white).

6. I weather with thinned stirland battlemire and a sponge and blood for the blood god (I used a little khorne red with this for dried blood).

More World Eaters next time!


Friday, 9 March 2018

Ravenguard- What Next?

A good question I think. This army is a decent size now, it's a bit harder to use than I thought as it only really has two elements:

1. Infiltrating stuff

2. Deep striking or flying stuff

This means your drops and tactics have to be spot on as the infiltrating part can be quickly overwhelmed, it's all about troop placement and movement. Which it should be with Ravenguard infantry. There is no killer unit, though the veterans do shoot very well.
So I guess what next should always fit two categories for me:

- Does it fit the army background?

- Is the unit reasonable enough in the game that I will use it/or is the background so good I'll use it regardless of rules?

So, here are my ideas:

1. Terminators in Tartaros armour: There are a few references to Corax using a company of veteran terminators for teleport actions into the midst of the enemy, this would be quite cool, but not really fit in with the rest of the army. However, a black terminator with a white helmet would look great!

2. Apothecaries: You see too many of them in my opinion and they are a good way to use the spawny tactic of points denial as you have to kill all three. However, as an elite infantry force behind enemy lines I think Ravenguard could justify minimising their casualties.

3. Landspeeders: any light infantry force needs support and landspeeder are a very mobile way of doing it. Javelins are super cool models too.

Image result for thunderhawk ravenguard

4. A super heavy flier: probably the only super heavy I could justify!

5. Maybe the most likely option, a Mor Deythan strike team with combi weapons in a Darkwing:These guys are quite good but I think there could be a more dynamic role for them

I usually take a fair bit of time off and do something else once an army is at this size, when I add something it'll be straight up on the blog.

Till next time,


Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Ravenguard- objective markers

Perhaps I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel now but this is a long running army showcase. Some simple objective markers. Dead easy to make, parts came from a mkVII tactical squad. Ravenguard transfer to show Legion, imperial eagles to show localist status and then based like the rest of the army.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Ravenguard- Moritat

I picked up this figure a couple of months back. The theme of the moritat is very pre-Corax Ravenguard. Also a cool figures though, I went for the volkite version as it’s a very Heresy style weapon.

A few people have asked me about the ammo feeds, they are easy to do with a hairdryer and fit into the torso rather than backpack. This is useful if you want him to be on foot rather than have a jump pack.

He looks a bit “no frills” because he’s Ravenguard and I suspect he wouldn’t want to stand out behind enemy lines and all. He was a nice figure to paint and I’m happy with the result.