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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Word bearers- Gal Vorbak

Time for some signature units I think. Gal Vorbak are utterly brutal and really define the Word Bearers. I bought two packs, unfortunately one marine came without I contacted forgeworld, provided a photo and they were happy to fix it. If fact, they sent another squad, so minus my armless marine I have fourteen Gal Vorbak!

I’ve done the first five, using the same scheme as my other Word Bearers, the fleshy bits and bone were another matter. Used a straightforward dwarf flesh style scheme so the ruddyness complimented the dull red of the armour. I also added skulls to the bases.

I enjoyed painting these, but due to size and complexity, I only managed to do the first five, so lots more to do. I gave up on adding more of them to the one month challenge.

Until next time.


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