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Monday, 19 February 2018

So Very Tired...

  Evening folks, Abe here.

  So I know it's been a little while since I posted and there is a very simple explanation for my absence from the blog; laziness.
Sloth, both my favourite creature and favourite deadly sin
   But seriously folks I'm actually going to be talking about a very serious subject and a blight upon the gaming community as a whole. I talk, of course, about hobby fatigue.

  Hobby fatigue is a curious affliction and will on a long enough time line will affect even the most rabid of hobby enthusiasts and here are a few tips for staving off this horrendous condition:

1 Keeping up Apperances:
  We've all been their before you turn up at your favourite gaming table open your carry case  only for your models to fall out in a thousand seperate pieces.  
It's alright, I can fix this.
  You sigh and reach for a bottle of glue, or maybe you don't, maybe you forgot your glue or just don't want to fix it their and then and so you play on with a broken model and a little more of your soul dies with each move.
  The next week a new model has broken, at home one gets dropped. Long story short paint will chip regardless of how much varnish you put on. It's at this time it's important to remember that maintaining your models are important. If you don't eventually every model in your army will bear damage, and not the cool paint effect kind, it is far better to do little bits of repair often rather than losing days or even weeks to the rabbit hole of maintainance.

2 Try Something New
  If, like me and many other gamers at Section 8, you have large armies it can get dull painting the same colour scheme over and over again and it is at this point it could be time to branch out.
  We are currently in a golden era of gaming with more games, and more importantly more smaller games than ever before.

To name but a few.

  If you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself to finishing off your army pick up one of the smaller gaming systems and painting some of those models. I had completely lost any enthusiasm for painting my new Emperors Children army until I had finished my goblin team for Bloodbowl and just like that my painting mojo came flowing back.

3 Take Time off
  If you still find that you don't feel particularly motivated to paint after all this why not take some time off. Dust off an old RPG pick up a board game, anything that will take your mind off of painting for a little while.

4 Palate Cleansers  
  Finally, why not try painting a single model. Pick a model, any model that you've always wanted to paint. Find something, challenging, beautiful, something that stand outs. It doesn't matter if you collect that army or even play that gaming system. Finding something different will help and pushing your skills in a new direction never hurts.
Beauty personified.
Hope that helps people. Till next time.

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  1. I suffer from HBS, Hobby Butterfly Stndrome so have lots of jobs on the go and a huge to-do pile... but I try to just do what I want and when I want and then the hobby doesn’t become a chore.