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Monday, 9 April 2018

Autocannon Iron Havocs

Hello Guys,

Another squad for my IW.

So these were my 2nd squad ever for Heresy. At this time I was mixing marks of armour, but quickly changed my mind thinking try to keep the marks the same per army. So my IW are MK3 except for 5 melta gun marines, and these 10 Iron Havocs. Anyway, Autocannons are my favourite weapons in Warhammer. I've always loved them from when I used to use them in my Steel Legion to now with the IW.

Havocs were originally BS4 which is good, especially with tank hunters, however once the update happened and they went to BS5 they became a must. I had them when they were BS4 and they still performed, but now they are a real game changer. Str7 is great for shooting everything (except land raiders) and I love the versatility. I'll put up my other two heavy weapon squads, one devastator with Volkite Culverins and one Havoc with missiles, once they're re painted.



  1. Wonderful, love these, my favourite HH sculpts

  2. Awesome work! They look the business for sure!