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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Iron Warriors Command Squad

Hello folks,

So once you hit about 6K in a Heresy army you usually do two things.

1) Plan another army with which to feed your addiction.
2) Buy and make more mad stuff you never planned on having.

My Iron Warriors are testimony to both, as the Blood angels and World Eaters kicked off around then, and I also started converting and making models that I never planned.

So I made these guys...

I'm really happy with these chaps, they were just a challenge to make something cool and I'm happy so mission accomplished. Happy with the poses and how they look, another favourite of mine.

The weapons and shields are from Shapeways- POP Goes the Monkey. The selection is excellent and new stuff goes up very regularly, lots of Legion and 40k stuff. They also have a huge selection of shoulder pads for lesser known legions 2nd founding onward. Who knows I might finally get to do a Blood Raven army.
The reason behind the spears was that my IW are themed as Greeks (yes the shields are Roman, sue me) as the IW are from the planet "OLYMPIA". It doesn't get more Greek than that. 

Rule wise, they do okay. The banner is excellent for the fearless bubble in melee, and the bonus wound is more useful than you'd think. The only negative is that the squad cant buy boarding shields, only combat. It's fine really, I just have to be super hot on my rules as to not disadvantage my opponent with the defensive grenade rules.

Thanks again

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  1. They look great, what are you counts-as the spears as? Power Weapons?