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Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Hello, this is a blog of my most recent Heresy army the Thousand Sons. I've done a few other armies which might show up from time to time and I've charted their progress on Warseer and BolterandChainsword.

I've been waitin to do the Thousand Sons for a long time now and made a start before Inferno came out recently, my army selection will stay as close to the background as I can. The army has been done in Prosperan Ruby, which has taken a bit of doing! I'll explain my methods as we go, please ask any questions in the comments.

So first post, tactical marines will be the bulk of the army and will be in landraider as suggested in inferno.


  1. Love this scheme, congrats on the metallic red. And thanks for the correct punctuation of the Blog name, so many times I see James’s or Magnus’s... winds me up being a James, lol. Can I maybe suggest adding a Blogroll to your sidebar mate, that way you can keep up to date with other cool blogs, check mine out for a great collection I’ve gathered so far ;). Added your humble blog there too :)

    1. Would love to, that's for the kind comments but I genuinely don't know how to add a blogroll and blogger isn't helping me!

    2. Hopefully it should all be done now, seems I'm learning a bit