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Friday, 6 October 2017

Japanese Attack!

The Imperial Japanese Army, ready for war.

Here is a quick painting guide for the Japanese Infantry.

Step A
1: Primer - Halfords brand Grey primer
2: Vallejo Japanese Army Uniform - Tunic and Trousers
3: Vallejo Violet-Brown - Putties
4: Vallejo German Cammo Beige - Webbing
5: Vallejo Flat Brown - Boots, Ammo Pouches and Canteens
6: GW Ungore Flesh - Faces and Hands
7: Vallejo Air Dunkelgrau - all weapon metal parts (muzzels, bolts, bayonet handles/scabbards LMGs MMGs and triggers)
8: GW Mounfang Brown - Wooden parts of weapons
9: GW Ironbreaker - Bayonets and Katanas

Then a All over Wash of Agrax Earthshade with about 40% Airbrush thinner (to tie it all together)
Once the Wash is dry.

Step B
1: Vallejo Stone Grey - Drybrush on Helmets with netting on (you can use this colour [see step A2]  if any of your soldiers are not wearing their tunics as it make for a good undershirt colour).
2: GW Rhinox Hide - Helmet straps and Rifle Slings
3: Vallejo Black - Glasses and Binoculars
4: Make sure to go back over the water canteens with German Cammo Beige (they have straps on them)
5: 40/40/20 Mix GW Ungore Flesh/Cadian Flesh Tone/Ulthuan Grey - Face and Hand Highlights
6: GW Fenrisian Grey - Glasses lenses


1: PVA and Sand
2: Vallejo Primer - Isreali Defence Sand
3: Vallejo Stone Grey - Drybrush
4: Little tufts of grass hear and there (I have used the GW ones but you will find plenty on the market)
5: Edge the base with Black

Thats it! You have a Japanese Soldier/Squad/Company ready for war! 

Panting the Tanks

Step A
1: Trim and wash the resin thouroghly
2: Primer Black Spray (plenty on the market but I use UPOLL)
3: GW Gretchin Green all over. (this is a discontinued GW paint. but it will have some kind replacement)
4: Vallejo - Flat brown in irregular large stripes over the whole vehicle.
5: GW Tallern Sand - Paint a irregular thin cross from above, but make sure to continue it down the sides front and rear of the vehicle
6: Vallejo Air Dunkelgrau - MMGs, exhausts and tracks.
7: Same Brown Wash is Infantry!

Let it dry out - when waiting for this maybe paint more Infantry (you will need them!)

Step B
1: Go over the Green on the tank with the original colour. to make the paint look older and worn you can deliberately miss ends and other parts
2: Same for the Brown but I used a more watered down then normal GW Monrefnag brown.
3: Same again for the Yellow cross.
Ok. Almost done
Apply transfers. Clear Gloss the area, Then add the transfer, the clear gloss when transfer is dry. to finish it off a Clear matt coat.
Then GW Rhinox Hide on a sponge and dabbed all over the edges. (Take care dab a little on first than you can always add more)
GW Leadbelcher - Edge high light the sponged areas and dry brush the tracks, MMGs and exhaust.
GW Baneblade Brown - Dry brush the entire of the tracks and hull between the tracks. The hull front and rear. As you move higher up the vehicle the dry brushing should get lighter. This will add the effect of dust covering the bottom of the vehicle more than the tops.

Then I use Army painter Anti-Shine on both tanks and men to give them a protective covering of matt Varnish

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  1. Super thorough painting guide and the army looks great!