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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

After the fall of technology...

So folks...I'm back.

Where to begin with my woes? First my phone broke, and the new one wont let me post in the blog. Second, my pc broke so I had no means to post...
But I'm back now!

Anyway, the big news post weekender was that I got an airbrush. Started slowly and ruined a couple models but that's the only way you learn. Then I moved onto the bane of my existence, my unfinished Zone Mortalis Board. In less than a week I had finished the whole thing, after having it for over 18 months with 3 done by brush.
So I finished the board, did the white on a single World Eaters Drop Pod, and as I went to do the blue my compressor literally burst into flames with a loud bang...

I hate technology.

My review however, airbrushes are excellent. The speed factor alone makes them an incredibly useful addition to any painters arsenal. Sadly no pictures to show of my work, but once I get a new compressor I'll get some up straight away.

In the mean time I've been repainting my Iron Warriors so please enjoy my Destroyer Marine SGT and a couple of his pals.

These guys are done in the simple full gun metal armour, unlike some of my other units which have the golden trim. My logic being rather than give them the black armour most Destroyers have, that the Iron Warriors would simply not bother painting the armour. In terms of rules and using them on the table top, they're probably my favourite unit. They're just super cool and I love the idea of their weapons being so scary that even Legions are afraid to unleash them.

I have a question though guys, what is your favourite unit ever? Any army, any choice, I would absolutely love to hear peoples thoughts! :)

That's all for now. 
Thanks for reading folks, all us at Magnus Folly really appreciate it.


  1. Cataphracti. Just really great unit.

    Iron Warriors who hate technology? Well, that would explain a few things. ;)

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