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Saturday, 15 April 2017

The white bolter conundrum

I've painted a lot of Thousand Sons now, I haven't posted many but believe it or not over eighty are done. The reason I haven't posted any is due to my decision to paint the bolter casings white. This has lead to a problem as the multiple clear layers of red have leeched into the white when the model is varnished.

I have been able to remedy this with subsequent coats of ulthuan grey and white but it means a redo of the casings essentially after the model is finished, a little frustrating to say the least.

I had a think about this and tried sealing the figures with varnish before painting the bolter casings, I tried his with both matt and gloss varnish with no success. It looks like the long way round is the only way, I will continue to post as the bolter casings are redone, for now here are a few more marines, I intend to have two squads of ten rotagun marines as the Thousand Sons seem to make best use of them and they look cool.


  1. Only thing I can suggest is keeping the guns separate until after the red is done. I did that with my Death Guard as I hated multiple layers of paint over certain pieces (loss of detail etc).

  2. Yeah I thought of that but I'd need to cut them off the mkIV hands. I guess because I was batch painting I wanted as few steps as possible, doing the bolsters seperately would work maybe it's something for figures with separate guns.