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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Raven Guard - Mor Deythan

Next up, a ravenguard signature unit, Mor Deythan. I went for the sniper variant initially but if I can ever get back to painting the odd extra squad I’d lover some combi weapons/shotguns for a more mobile unit. These guys are nice figures but the initial price was high, I believe it’s been reduced now. Either way I bought mine as part of a deal with a dark wing storm eagle so saved a little bit.

Worst part about these models is the barrel of the rifle bends all the time, everytime they’ve been in the case! So hairdryers at the ready. In game these guys are pretty cool, I found that they are surprisingly resilient due to the stealth rule. Never be afraid to go to ground, these guys do damage but if you weight them against what’s shooting them you can gain benefit from drawing fire and surviving. I once had three units shooting at them, but they had a 2+ cover save I only lost one marine and drew a lot of fire.


  1. By all reports in VidBatreps, these guys are lacklustre shooting, but with Combi Weapons come to the fore. Maybe these would be good Sniper Scout counts-as for 8th 40K as Snipers have been given a needed boost there, targeting Characters and Mortal Wounds on a six.

  2. Look great btw... forgot to say. Love the red of the Sergeant helmet, and the bearded grizzly veteran.

  3. Thanks, yeah they aren’t amazing but they’re characterful so I often use them. Reckon I’ll have a think about another unit around the time of the Horus Heresy Weekender