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Monday, 11 December 2017

Thousand Sons Storm Eagle

So, all those Sekhmet need a ride, after all the landraiders I didn’t fancy a Spartan and it seems a bit cliched, given the whole, “Primarch with a terminator tor bodyguard in a Spartan” plague you see in Heresy. So, Magnus can walk! There’s no space for him and ten Sekhmet in a storm eagle!

Again, lots of symbols and transfers 

With lots of black and gold to break up the red

So, really getting there now. The army has a lot in it, of the games I’ve played (maybe 8), I’ve lost one, which was to JBs iron warriors in zone mortalis. Seems the rota guns and veterans are the real cutting edge in the army.


  1. Mind you I only had one model left on the board! The Sons of Magnus really pack a punch :)

  2. Beautifully done - The Storm Eagle is a beast of a kit to both build and paint and yours turned out looking fantastic!

  3. Mordian7th- yeah building storm eagles isn’t fun at all, this is my 3rd! I convince myself they’re ok before buying one and then immediately regret it when I open the packet!