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Monday, 4 December 2017

Thousand Sons Landraiders

Here we go,  standard Legion rides. I don’t think you see enough landraiders in Heresy armies, it’s all Spartans. Maybe it’s due to cost or the small cost difference between a resin landraider and the awesome Spartan. So, the back ground says that Thousand Sons have lots of landraiders to ferry their tactical squads around, ever the diligent follower of any background, my Thousand Sons were always going to have landraiders.

First one, lots of symbols and gold lines, ala book VII

These were painted in similar fashion to everything else. Weathering was done with a metallic dark green to create contrast with the red, it’s not obvious to most but I see a difference and you are your own biggest critic!

Two together 

I have a third one all done but I’ll save that for a full army shot as I now have one hundred infantry along with support vehicles. Onwards and upwards, this army isn’t finished yet!


  1. Sweeeet. I'm a big fan of the Proteus Land Raider, and those are excellent specimens! Nicely done!

  2. Ah yeah! Lovely paintjob. Really excellent looking