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Friday, 6 October 2017

Legend of the Five Rings & Legend of the Cruiser Tank

Hello again, plenty to talk about this time. A few of us old heads at our gaming club are veteran players of legend of the five rings. The game has recently came back as an LCG from Fantasy Flight Games. At least three of us have picked up the starter set and this Sunday is the first time we all get to play it. Historically, I play Dragon clan, but have been known to play just about every clan from time to time. I'll post a review of how the new game plays once we've gotten used to it on Sunday. As someone who mainly figure games it's nice to have a game you can play in between games or at the end of a club night which doesn't take too long. L5R has enough background to engage you and some players get quite partisan about their clans so it should be cool to see how it shapes up. Next up is a Bolt Action Tank. I picked up a Comet last week to add to my late war Brits, it'll be cool for Konflikt 47 too it being a late tank and all. A brish only touched this model to pain the MMGs on the hull and turret. It was airbrushed in three layers using GW and vallejo airbrush paints. I then sponger weathering onto it using the 1:1:1 black/tin bitz/dryad bark mix from battle bunnies. Lastly I applied carious dark washes over the wheels with the airbrush. The transfers were a doddle (I'll cover my method another time) and I'm really happy with how the model came out. I'll be doing another two Cromwells in the same way soon.


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  1. An Artistic Autistic Army Painter8 October 2017 at 20:24

    Great work on that tank!

    Let's hope it does well on the bloody fields of Europe