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Monday, 30 October 2017

On to Heresy

In this article I want to talk about Horus Heresy collecting, painting and gaming to be more accurate.

VIII Legion: In Midnight Clad – My own thoughts about the Sons of the sunless world.

My favourites by far, The Night Lords are the epitome of the “Bad Guys”. Not rabid madmen, not zealous hierophants or even embittered turncoats. No, the Night Lords to me are a far more malevolent force.
In midnight clad brothers!

The Night Lords see themselves as a necessary evil, the Imperium in its infancy needed rules and laws. They represent the iron hard law, the simple black and white, right and wrong. Later this message would become corrupted by their own Primarch and his new recruits from the Night World Nostramo.
Always look on the bright side of life...

Before this new rot set in though they were successful Legion, bringing worlds to compliance and expanding the Imperium. Even when Konrad was installed as their Lord they still adhered to the letter of the Law. Knorad was the ultimate arbiter of law, he and his Legion were soon surrounded with tales of pure terror and slaughter.
Konrad, a most unpleasant fellow

For Kornad knew that fear held society together, don’t steal or you will go to jail, don’t kill or you will be yourself killed, fear or retribution is the crux of society. These rules have existed broadly one way or another throughout human history and Konrad took them to the extreme.

Scary. Legion Contemptor Dreadnought
One of the best aspects of the Night Lords is they enjoy their work, many other Legions labour along under the banner of duty or loyalty or listen to the whims of the mad gods. Whereas the VIII Legion simply enjoys the suffering they bring, the simple joy of battle and seeing their foes fleeing in terror. 

Death to the False Emperor - Sevetar VIII Legion

Next time I will be covering building and Painting some VIII Legion.

Kosh’eth tay


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