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Friday, 26 January 2018

Siege of Ambrose House Setup

Death has come to Austellus Aurelia, the Emperors chosen have declared all out war against each other the city has been damaged in the opening phases of the battle but is still defiant and unbowed. A valiant Salamanders vanguard must hold against the all out assault of the Night Lords until reinforcements can arrive.

The board has been divided into 3 segments with the govenors mansion covering one section, a mechanicum section in the middle and a dock section for the final section.
The board 

The Salamnders won the roll off, electing to go first. The 500 pts of the defending force set up in and around the Govenors mansion with the tactical marines holding the right flank alongside RU90st, the modified Kataphron Destroyer and the Primus Medicae and the terminators holding the left. Govenor Strann and his retinue deployed deep inside the mansion to keep them safe from maurading Night Lords.

The Night Lords, under the cover of darkness, set up next with the raptor squad and a terminator squad in a land raider squaring up againt the tactical squad. 

On the opposite flank another land raider cruises slowly into view followed by a terror squad on foot who sets up in the ruins of a building opposite the mansion.

 The Night Lords know that they only have limited time before the full fury of the Salamnders falls upon them so they leave a Sicarn tank and a volkite armed support squad as a rearguard to help fend off the inevitable counter attack.

The rest of the Night Lords will arrive as reinformcements as will the rest of the Slamanders, with that battle was joined.


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