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Monday, 26 March 2018

Daveco's Escher Gang - The Sector 7 Sump Cats

Hello blog followers,

Its been a while since you heard from me. I know Abe and I made a battle report but nothing directly for a while. Well I have been in one of those "hobby black holes" where I can’t figure out what to do or when to do it. But All that is gone now, my new project is an Escher Gang from Necromunda.

I have never palayed Necromunda before, having no good or bad habits with the game I set off to build my gang and then paint them.

Wargear: Tough call for me, Im a veteran of the GW game Inquisitor (best thing since sliced bread in my opinion) So on that knwledge pool I drew my basis for the gang. A well quipped Leader and then a functional and cheap equipped gang. Lasguns were a must because the Escher ones look great and I would have to take the Clans signature toxin thrower weapon.

What do they look like?

Well I was aiming for a gang of women, I drew inspiration from Mad Max 2 (who dose not really when making post-apoc things). In particular the 'Warrior Woman' played by Virginia Hay. To me is the archetype Escher.
House of Escher indeed.
So The finished results. I went with Purple and Yellow for the gang colours but kept the white armour plates. I wanted them to look striking but also keep within the dark and gritty under-hive theme. The women are tough remorseless fighters who live in a nightmare underworld. That said they take great pride and effort with their gang colours and weapons to keep them in the best condition possible.

I think they go well with the terrain I have and look a very striking and brutal force on the tabletop.
I have got, Goliaths and Orlocks to do next. They will be along in good time and hopefully with compliment these Gangers.

Until then see you later. 


  1. They look great dude, really striking colour scheme that fits in excellently with the board and terrain. I have painted up the goliath gang for me and the Eschers for my wife, such lovely miniatures to paint, and we played our first game a few days ago, we had a blast ! Hope you enjoy the game :)

    1. Thanks Carl,I did so love painting these miniatures, I had a great game with them indeed, they seen of some other Escher rivals, no doubt they were blinded by my white, yellow and purple garb. Goliath's next I think, those bloke will be a bit less garish I think.