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Friday, 13 October 2017

Painting Spaces - DAVECO

Painting Spaces – DAVECO 

Like Stonedrose I am lucky to have a room dedicated to painting. Though as you see mine is a little more anarchic than his. I have a DAVECO original art work at the back of my painting desk. Not as epic as the wolf king but it changes every time I use the airbrush.

Daylight lamps. Get them! It will make things better!

I tend to keep all of the colours and stuff I use the most out near to me and hoard other stuff packed manically away in a semblance of order. That said if there is a thing needed or a bit to be found, in our group its normally me who has it.

The Legendary DAVECO stash of bits!

I too am a Hobby butterfly, jumping from thing to thing. BUT once I get a good project I can be a little obsessed by it, a good example is my Horus Heresy Deathguard Army. Painted a small Allied force for my Night Lords (more on them coming soon).

They were a totally different painting challenge and just over a year later… well… massive Deathguard Army.

Actually this photo is little out of date, I have one more Leviathan Dreadnought and some Vorax Battle Automata to add.

When painting I do enjoy some music or an audio-book, even a film on in the background just to fill in.

When do I paint? Well normally an hour or two after work then a good long blast on a Saturday. Sunday is taken up by the Club, that you can naturally paint at as we have a nice little painting table.

And that’s it in all honesty, if you want to have huge well painted forces you have to put the graft in.


  1. Great job, love the deathguard, can you post some close ups? Nice set up mate, I’m lucky enough to have my room as linked in the previous show and tell post. It’s awesome isn’t it!

  2. Thanks Siph_Horriodus. Glad you are enjoying what you see, I will be posting more on my Deathguard soon and in that article is will have close ups and a painting guide. Also plenty of mad ramblings about how XIV legion armies should be.

    Back soon