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Friday, 20 October 2017

Abenormals Salamanders

Hello everyone,

I'm Abenormal, Abe for short, or Mr. Normal if you're nasty (also well done to the 3 of you who got that reference.)

I've been a member of Section 8 gaming club for many years now and play a wide variety of games, but more on that later.

As a quick introduction of myself I thought I would put some pictures up of my Salamanders army for heresy.

My Praetor

 As you can see neither painting, nor photography are my strong suits and I will be the first to admit I did not push my self with this army. I am just about to start my next heresy army and I will be looking to improve my technique but again, I digress.

praetor with his command squad.
Feel free to add your own Resivoir Dogs soundtrack.

I went pretty heavily with the scaled cloak with this army with most important models getting one to make them stand out. I feel that finding someway of personalising your army is an important element to add.

This was one of the first models I ever patined for this army and I was always happy with the results. Anyway, I shall be posted more articles on here periodically, enjoy.


  1. Good stuff! On the photo side, it would be good to get some front-facing light on the models - I find a simple swing-arm lamp or two with daylight bulbs are always a good investment. Helps illuminate your painting area to reduce eyestrain while getting some brush time in, and you can position it to light up your models from various angles for photos too!

  2. Irony on irony my friend I actually have all that, I just plain didn't think to use it.