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Monday, 23 October 2017

Back to Bloodbowl

Of all GW games, Section 8 loves Blood Bowl. I think we must've held at least 5 tournaments over the years, the largest with around 25 teams. So, understandably when it was re-released everyone was very excited, the models were great, the contents of the gamebox were pretty plush. However, it didn't really take off for us, difficult to know why. I realise the release schedule has been tortuous, there just aren't enough teams out for variety. However, our members have teams from countries all around the world, of all different races, so maybe this shouldn't matter. However, it didn't take off again in the way we expected. Maybe now is the time, Abenormal has a skaven team painted up and it's near Christmas, a good time for people to pick up a team. Also, the Elves can't be far away and they're cracking figures, so I thought I'd do a practice run on the boxed set Human Team. I decided to do a test figure and paint him in the colours of a previous team, a red and yellow combo, a bit "Howling Griffons". Anyway, one test figure turned into one test figure of each position and soon I had four players finished, so here we go:

Here’s the thrower, always number #1 as he’s like a quarterback 

Here's a catcher, #9 as he scores the touchdowns like a striker, numbers were applied from the transfer sheet in the box, I went for black as it shows up on the yellow 

       Test Lineman, the least glamorous of players 

Blitzer, I always number these like centre halves, as they make all the crunching tackles 

 So, I'll try and get the team finished over a couple of weeks, eight more players to go but I could really do with some extra positionals, two blitzers, two catchers and maybe an ogre. There are no extra players out yet so I'll need to get another plastic team from somewhere. I'm really pleased with how these came out, I used a modified version of the guide in the back of the bloodbowl rules, but I used quite a few edging paints in with what was suggested to make them really bling. I fell this helps in a skirmish or team game where there aren't load of figures. So hopefully we'll see some more bloodbowl over the coming weeks, I'm off to Nottingham on 11th November so I'm going to Warhammer World with the intent of getting a neoprene pitch and maybe the elf team if it's out in time.

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