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Tuesday, 24 October 2017


I’ve just finished the latest Primarchs novel- Lorgar. I intend to do a quick review and not give any spoilers away, however, one thing that I really enjoyed is that Colichis is part religious cult world and part-

Witness me!!!!

Yup, there’s a load of guys going round the desert between cities on various vehicles and a great big motorised pulpit. So it feels a bit Mad Max, but is this ever bad? Well yeah but only if you like your chaps to cover your backside...

I enjoyed this novel, it delves into Lorgars past as you would expect, but it tries to explain why he’s different and a lot more subservient than the other Primarchs. It also reveals a lot about Kor Phaeron, who’s always been quite a complex character. It also leaves a bit of mystery towards the end, so all in all a good read. 

I really enjoyed the desert wandering though but I can’t get the image out of my head of Lorgar leading the guys out of fury road around from his giant pulpit mobile.

Overall 8/10

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