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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Warhammer total war 2

Well I caved and bought this, I enjoyed the first but it gave me WFB nostalgia...I looked at my high elf army and realised I couldn't play them. I can't be bothered to pick up ninth age, but wait Warhammer Total War 2 is different- High Elves are in it, I can play fantasy again!

I guess I bought this on steam in a whim, my partner is pregnant and goes to bed super early and there only some much painting you can do. So after a couple of hours downloading from steam it had to be High Elves first, what's more, it had to be Tyrion. 

I was working in GW as a student in what they called a "key time" position when Turin came out, I loved the model then and still do now, here he is for those who haven't seen/ don't remember:

Now, as far as I can remember there have been versions of Tyrion since second edition WFB, he was as much a hero then as now and he's definitely better than that dude in game of thrones...

So I set off on my quest with Tyrion, to save the old world and stop WFB from ever becoming Age of Sigmar and save my high elf army from a dusty shelf...

Here's the pixelated Tyrion, Malhandir his horse is so hard he's quite happy to nibble grass whilst there is a flaming magic sword next to him...

So, because I'm no ardent video gamer, I'm going to review this in terms I understand, so bear with me-

How does it look?

Pretty much amazing really, considering how much is on screen at once, may laptop  is two year old but was top of the line when I bought it and it has a good graphics card, however, even it had to be played on lowest settings to get it to run at a reasonable pace. So, my Tyrion isn't as sharp as the one above, he gets a bit less Elven skirt but he still kicks butt.



Virtually the same as the last game from what I can tell, I'm not too far into it but whatever skill I developed before has stayed for this game. The interface is easy and you can still zoom in and watch your guys fight up close (as long as you're winning, been caught in that trap before- wow, don't these spearmen look great gutting dark elves....aaaand the entire right flank has collapsed). There is an element of fighting the same battle over and over at times, but the last game suffered from that too. I enjoy the campaign as it's different to before with more urgency and different goals, though I'll not give the game away. Ultimately I am still in hope of stopping Age of Sigmar from ever happening.



I'm hoping this is better than the last game, I think different races will firstly play very differently but their goals and geography will be so distinct it should be very fresh, so an improvement here. It is a long game however, so the fans who can dedicate their time to it will be better off than people like myself fighting the odd battle here and there.


The most important question- is it like Warhammer Fantasy Battle?

Yes, yes it is....I cried a bit, Tyrion is like Tyrion, you can get him all his magic items, his horse is fast enough to race red rum and with the right machine he looks good enough to turn you on in that weird gender neutral elven way. I outflanked an army by refusing the flank WFB style yesterday and saved it to replay it, it looked great, I was amazing, Elves were shouting my name, maidens were flocking to my tent, Teclis had a rough cold and everything was as it should be in the old world, then a gold figure rush into my tent and I died of a heart attack as I thought it was a Sigmarine, my last vision was of a fat Phoenix guard looking over me


Take his cloak off, make him weight 180kg and anyone would be mistaken....

Overall 9/10

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