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Monday, 27 November 2017

Kharn Captain of the 6th

Hey Folks,

So I finished Kharn. I love him, I really do! Loved painting him and love to model.
Took me a little under a week to get him finished and honestly it was a pleasure. I just kept referring to the images on FW and tried my level best to match it (except for the Ultramarine).

Anyway so I finished Kharn and was super chuffed with myself. I was really proud. I was so proud in fact that I took him out of the cabinet to show my friends...and that was where everything went wrong. So I was taking him back upstairs and promptly left him on the stairs...slap bang in the middle so there would be no chance of me forgetting about him. Well I did forget about him, right until the moment I stood on him at 3am.

Well I stayed up, fixed him and painted away as much of the damaged as I could and I was happy again.
Anyway I'm happy with him again and he's ready to slaughter some loyalists!



  1. Resurrection from the Loyal to the Heretic! Nice face pattern of blood looking distinctly like the Chaos Star...