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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Shadespire: Sepulchral Guard

As Shadespire has really taken off at the Club I could not help but get swept up in the excitement. There is only a small band of warriors to paint I realised they would need a lot of love and attention. I got my copy of the main rules and the Sepulchral Guard Set as in my opinion are the best looking miniature skeletons GW has ever done.

So, I set to work and managed to get them all done in one day. I won’t go too much into a painting guide with them but here is the colours I used
Mournfang Brown
Rhinox Hide
Iron Breaker
Ryzer Rust
Ulthuan Grey
Typhus Corrosion
Abbaddon Black
Nuln Oil
Agrax Earthshade
Stone Grey
DunkelGrau (Air)
Flat Brown
Prussian Blue
Magic Blue
Dead White (Air)

Vampire counts style shield

None Shall Pass!

From the back

Very "Jason and the Argonauts" pose

I am happy with how they came out and thoroughly enjoyed their one outing on the board (Even though Stoned Roses Orruks give them a good kicking.)
Next time… More Nightlords from me in Part 3 of into heresy and maybe some bloodbowl to start the Christmas

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