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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Shadespire- painting the Orruks

Hello again, onto the latest shadespire releases, t9 be honest these were the ones I wanted. I love the new Orruks (Orcs). They’re chunky and powerful looking figures, less the jokey Orcs, more the “eat your face as soon as look at you” Orcs.

I wanted these to be black and yellow so I used the citadel paint app and went completely for the same colour scheme, the original plan was to go for more black checks, but I liked the yellow and stuck with it. I also liked the flesh tone they used, it was very organic, the 40k Orcs are a bit too grass green for me.

I’m going to go through painting the yellow, using the app has made me use brighter colours with more extreme edge highlights, I think this is a good thing and draws the eye more to the figure. Onto the yellow-

1. Basecoat of Averland Sunset

2. Shade the whole yellow surface with Casandora Yellow, I don’t use this often but maybe I should, it really warmed the basecoat up to create a contrast for the later layers

3. Yriel yellow to the raised surfaces

4. Edge highlights with Flashgitz Yellow

5. I added this stage myself, an extreme edge highlight of Dorn Yellow

Now you have a good depth of colour to the yellow, I’d also advise the paint app for the “clean black” method, I really like it and will definitely use it in future. Now, here’s some more Orruks!

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