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Monday, 20 November 2017

Spirit of the game part one

Deep thought now....deep breath everyone.

I want to talk about how games are played and more specifically the prevailing attitude at section 8, our gaming club. 

Many of us are a similar age and were brought in to gaming with three strong principles:

1. Everything should be based and painted and what you see is what you get- no proxies!

2. Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.

3. You should try hard in games and try hard to have fun.

I’m going to try and encapsulate the way we usually play and see what people think, this is something that has developed over the years and is a perisistent mood in the club, we think it’s a positive thing and we hope you do too, feel free to comment and discuss how you do things.

So many of us are pretty passionate about the spirit games are played in and that each game is an event to enjoy in itself, so if a game isn’t fun, then why not?

1. Uneven playing field

Lots of times people blame their opponent, but is that ever true? Maybe the first time you play them and you’re not familiar with them, but after that not so much. I once played my infantry heavy world eaters army against an army with a knight, I had two guns that could damage it. I lost, big time and was pretty annoyed. But.... it was my fault, I actually talked about that and agreed to play it beforehand. I also played a guy once who was a total irritant through the game and swore his way through each turn despite beating me anyway, he was an ardent tournament gamer, his army was filth and it was a tournament, so I knew what was coming.

Is it time to rage quit yet?

What I’m getting at is, you often have an idea that the playing field may be uneven before you start.

2. Rules issues.....or even cheating

Rules issues will come up, some you’ll disagree with, some will break the game or make you lose. All you can do is be as up to date as you can, which is a challenge in itself. I find when learning a new game you should add at least another hour and both look through the rules throughout the game.

Rules matter not with a set of these...

Cheating....let’s not kid ourselves, it happens. I still haven’t found a good way to deal with it, if it’s rules then your opponent should “show me in the rule book” if they can’t then at worst it’s a dice off. Blatant cheating (an opponent of mine once picked up two extra dice for shooting three times in a row and I caught him, no coincidence) is really rough and after being on the wrong end a few times I know my limit, but it’s individual to us all.

3. Other Sources

Rough day at work, argument with spouse, feeling low? There’s load of reasons why you’re not up for it and sometimes in a red hot close game these will show. Best be aware when you’re not your best as you don’t want to be the guy people don’t want to play. People lead complex lives now and it’s important to realise that wargaming is an outlet valve for most, whether they know it or not. It’s best to ensure that this is remembered as in my opinion gaming is good to maintain a good work life balance and preventing burnout.

According to google gears fly out of your head if you’re stressed 

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