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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

World Eaters Tactical Squad 1 (The first of many)

Hello Folks,

So here's the first of what will be many tactical squads for my World Eaters.
The army I'm making will all be making entry into the battlefield using either Drop Pods or Dreadclaws hence the 10 man squads.
The army is based of the World Eater attack on Armatura, where they savage the Ultramarine training grounds.

These guys were made using mixed resin Despoiler marines, and the plastic mkIV from Betrayal at Calth. I was originally going to only use the plastics, as I hadn't created an army for Heresy using lots of plastic (my Iron Warriors being all resin), but as much as I love the plastic marines, the resin despoilers added that little more dynamic range in the movement of them.
A thing which has already sparked debate is the fact that I'm choosing to mix the Blue early war and Red late war colours. Personally I like the mix, even in the same squad, but right now its just the SGT who has the red shoulders, blue for the rest of the rabble.

What are peoples thoughts? I would love to hear which people think in regards to mixing colours between units and squads.

Thanks for reading :)



  1. I dig it! I think the mix of blue and red works well - I don't really envision the World Eaters caring too much about ensuring everything matches up. Good stuff man!

  2. Thanks guys! :) I really appreciate it.