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Friday, 15 December 2017

Magistus Amon, equerry to The Crimson King

So, I need a fitting leader for my force, I have Magnus but I take my time over Primarchs and Magnus is a biggie. So Amon comes out and solves my problem. Really love the model, would prefer it if I had some hidden ones to go with him, but t(e best comes to those who wait.

Great posing, painting the cape inside green wasn’t easy but I reckon I’ve got it to work

The outside of the cape, badly cast, bit of a nightmare

The only gripe I have is the outside of the cape was badly cast, I’ve heard this from others who have the model. My solution was to file and cut it down. Becase of this the paint didn’t lie as well as I would like. I wish like others I had used some modelling putty to fill the gaps and instead of sand it down, bring it up. 

Either way, top model to paint, shame about the cape!