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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

My long suffering Blood Angels

Thought it was about time to put up some of my Blood Angels.

The original test model

These guys were started about two years ago after I hit a wall with my IW, painters block or something, but I remember when I decided to start Heresy in the first place I was torn between both IW and BA. I chose IW in the end cos they are my favourite, and at the end of the day Heresy isn't cheap so you should do what you want and what you love.

But anyway, these guys turned out to be the most important figures I had ever painted. At the time everything I did was drybrushed gun metal, effective yes but simple and uninspiring. So out came the layer paints and I did a test model.
He was done neatly and at the time he was the best figure I'd ever painted, but still he didn't look like Daveco or Stonedrose's stuff. So i went and got advice. That basically involved Stonedrose showing me step by step how you paint a FW/GW model. But it was totally worth it, and he give me some great advice which was "if you want to get better at painting, buy models you like and paint them. The stuff you like the look of not just what you need to play."
So a Wright King, metal Saint celestine, and a load of old reaper miniatures later, I was happy with how I painted.
Still learning of course but the WE and BA have really helped me!

I say thank you to my long suffering toy soldiers, the Blood Angels have finally delivered you!

These are but a few examples, the army is just under 2k at present

Note that I'm now very excited for the Heresy weekender, it'll be great so see some more stuff for the BA, hopefully I'll get round to finishing the two Landspeeders, the dreadnoughts and the 20 assault marines I have...sigh
And on another note it'll be good if they actually make a distinction there between Lutharian and the Lion's Dark and Abe will let you know about that very soon ;)

Thanks guys


  1. They look cool enough. Nice to paint some colour after IW.

  2. Thanks man, yeah lets just say it was a big change from metal and black haha