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Friday, 22 December 2017

Raven Guard- Tactical Marines

This is the third Heresy army I completed, after my iron hands and world eaters. I’ll show those armies another day, however these guys are my go to loyalist army at the moment so pretty current.

The paint scheme is amazingly straight forward as you might imagine with an all black model:

1. Black undercoat using UPOL matt black primer

2. Xentihal highlight using FW air Corvus black, this is an off black/very dark grey. 

3. Dawnstone edge highlight.

4. Lead belcher to the metallic areas followed by null oil wash

5. Highlight the steel areas with Runefang steel for a good contrast.

6. Pouches were added to most models for a well armed infantry feel, these were painted rhinos hide, highlighted steel goon drab and washed to a duller shader with agrax earth shade

7. Helmet lenses were mephiston red and then a highlight of evil sunz scarlet

Voila! Really easy to do, but hopefully a nice clean cut but dark and shady ravenguard.

I have thirty tactical marines altogether, drop pod ready!

1 comment:

  1. Great stuff. I like simple effective schemes. I think if I did 30K, id have to chose a simple scheme! I've got enough 40K to do!