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Monday, 1 January 2018

Daveco's Human Blood Bowl Team

Many years ago, before I played Blood Bowl me and Abe used to Play a Football (Proper English football) game on the old PS2. In the game you could create your own team and enter it in the Leagues around Europe. Me and Abe came up with our own team to play in the Dutch League (FC VOORDUN). My blood bowl team is painted in our old colours (home) as they just worked well together.

I also wanted them to look a little different form the Normal figures so I picked up the Forge World upgraded team. Then carefully trimmed all of the spikes of the armour, hopefully to give them a sleeker more athletic look. 

So, without any more football puns here is some pics of VERDOON VENGEANCE my human team.

Orange Shorts with White Shirts and Black accessories. Simple but very… striking… see what I did there?

Close ups on the Positional players




Hope you Enjoy.

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