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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Horus Heresy Weekender

Once again the weekender comes around. I’ve been to all of these events from the very start, I’ve enjoyed them all, they’re not cheap and in my opinion you go with money in your pocket, after all it is a retail event. After a couple of years I convinced some of the others, so Abe and Dave have already been to a couple and for JB this will be his second weekender.
One of my pics from a previous Weekender, did my Corax end up like this?

I’ve went to great lengths to go to these events, since I’ve been to them all I’ve tried to keep it up, even if the releases aren’t for me. This has lead to some sacrifices, namely by my long suffering fiancĂ©e, who kindly went on her birthday weekend when the Heresy team change the event from April to February. This involved me booking the el presidente suite and calling in a lot of favours, she also attended the first event as a customer and got some funny looks from the regular clientele in her giant bunny jumper (she is definitely not a gamer girl).

Every weekender is important for at least one of us, this year the other three get the limelight as they have the following interests:

Daveco- Blood Angels
Abenormal- Dark Angels
JB- Dark Angels

Maybe we’ll see some of this at the Weekender...or maybe loads of Wolves!

Whereas I’m hoping for some of the missing space wolf releases and Necromunda stuff, either way, I’m sure we’ll have a good time again. If anyone wants to say hello we will all be wearing white carnations....

We’ll likely be heading to Warhammer world first for a game, last year it fell apart because of Abenormal.....but that’s another story. Needless to say we hope he has a routefinder this year.

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