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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My first Predator

Okay so first thing is, this was my first predator...ever. Like ever. I had an old old plastic one that my dad got me when I was little, but it was unpainted, had no sponsons on account of them being snapped off, and no turret, that went walkies long before it came to me. So this gunmetal bad lad was to be the first of many.

Currently I have 2 preds in my Iron Warriors now, with plasma and conversion beaters. I've used both but I personally much prefer the Beamer. It feels very IV legion to just sit back and melt people from 48-72 inches away! Both weapons were magnetised so I could chose my fancy on the day ?
Love the tank and it's joined the already full ranks of my IW, it's got a lot of tanks, but after doing two of these I want more! I have a lot of tanks for the IV but I think the next thing would be some more land raiders. I have 2 now, one Achilles alpha and one old old plastic block (you know the one, looks like the old remote control car that one friend of yours had). So I'd say 2-3 Mkii b's...we'll see. But hey there are always more World Eaters to be done, bad JB! Focus on one legion at a time...oh and maybe I should finish those Skitarii...

Thanks folks


  1. Ah, a fellow HBS sufferer (Hobby Butterfly Syndrome), I paint what I fancy, so like you have a lot of part finished things or a To-do list that would make a Commission Artist weep. Predator looks great mate

  2. Haha it's good to know there are more people out there who suffer the same! In a way it's great to be inspired to paint lots of random stuff, but at the same time you often don't get your army finished...
    Thanks so much though, I really appreciate any feedback :)