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Friday, 19 January 2018

Bloodbowl, Bloodbowl and more Bloodbowl

Hey guys, Abe here.

It' been a hectic couple of months but I've decided to get back into the swing of things and paint up my new Bloodbowl team. For christmas I recieved a box of green, slimy, mischevious imps:
I forsee no problems arising from this.
Anyway without further ado heres my bloodbowl team, the Sing Sing Stranglers.
Thats right it's Goblins.
 I have never really played with a Gobbo team before but as they were a suprise gift, and pleasing to look at to boot, I decided to make them my team for the upcoming league.

  First I decided on the theme, after decided they were all filthy criminals I decided to make them wear orange jumpsuits and then pick them out with a little gold bling.

First things first I decide to paint my trolls, the first was the old bloodbowl troll that was kindly donated and the second was the new troll released for bloodbowl, take your pick which is your favourite.

Typical prima donna Bloodbowl player hiding from the cameras

Next I moved on to the three forgeworld secret weapons; the fanatic, looney and bombadier. These are lovely models but forgeworld do need to pull their finger out and relase the last three; the pogoer, doom diver and ooligan.

It takes real ball to be a fanatic... I'll show myself out.

  Finally I took matters into my own hands and created a ooligan of my very own, these fellas come with disturbing prescence so I had to think of something disturbing and well...
What's more disturbing than a Goblin clown?
Thats it for now folks, later we'll be posting about the Section 8 Bloodbowl league but for now enjoy.

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