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Monday, 22 January 2018

The First Battle Report! Abes XVIII Legion vs. DAVEs VIII Legion

Hello and Welcome to our first Blog Battle Report. Daveco vs. Abenormal

We hope to bring back the good old days of these once treasured articles in White Dwarf. Our game of Choice at the Club is Horus Heresy. In the Dark days of the early Imperium battles are fought not against humanities many foes but against its very protectors.

Siege of the Von Strann Manse

On the war-torn world of Austellus Arbiea in the capital city Primus, battle is joined between two of the Emperors Legions. This planet was once a jewel in the crown and the very epitome of a complaint Imperial world. First discovered and brought into the Imperial fold by the XVIII Legion this world flourished thanks to the Salamanders efficient and gentle rule. After the Atrocities of the Istvaan system war soon found this world.
Jealous, hateful eyes regarded this prize as an affront to the true nature of the Imperium. Soon the sons of Nostromo Launched an attack with all the merciless and calculated malice of the Night Lords.

Daveco’s Army

Naturally being a good (bad) Son of the Sunless world, I wanted to teach the Imperial dogs a lesson in humility. This world was built on a lie and it will be torn apart by the truth… well my terror squads and raptors but that is beside the point.
I have a huge Night lords force almost 10k and counting, so for me it is hard to narrow it down to just 3500. I wanted the classics. So, three Terror Squads and one Squad of Night Raptors make up the starting point of the Army. These units are pretty useful at both shooting and combat, Terror squads have preferred enemy and make a mess of weaker enemy infantry. Raptors kind of do what they say the tin and kill stuff. After that I took a tough back line with two Terminator squads in their own Landraiders, to tie it all together A Large Tactical squad for my Praetor to live in (he was never going to lead from the front, was he?). A legion support squad with Volkite Claivers to add that bit of extra pop against my opponent’s harder infantry units. Two Storm eagle gunships and a Sicaran tank make up my mobile back up to act as a swift hard-hitting reserve.

I deliberately made the Night Lords legion look like a disorganised mess, they are after all an army of units that don’t really get on well with each other. All of my squads have names too, and background to go with them. Any questions feel free to ask.

15th Company under Avros Jasster

·         Legion Praetor – Avros Jasster, Paragon Blade, Digital Lasers, Iron Halo and Melta-Bombs = 180pts (Master of the Legion – Terror Assault) 1

·         Legion Terminator Squad – Bedlam Krypt, Sgt with Pair of Lighting claws and grenade harness, 4 Terminators with, 2 Power fists, 1 Chain-fist, 1 Lightning claw, 1 Combi weapon and 1 Reaper Auto-cannon. Mounted in a Landraider Phobos Korsh (Armoured Ceramite) = 487pts 2

·         Legion Terminator Squad – The Head Takers, Sgt with Power fist, 4 Terminators with 2 Power fists, 2 Chain-fists and 1 Plasma blaster. Mounted in Landraider Phobos Movetium (Armoured Ceramite) = 470pts 3

·         Terror Squad – The Red Skulls, Headsman with Power weapon, Melta-bomb and Volkite Charger. 9 Executioners with Volkite Calivers. Mounted in a Dreadclaw Drop pod = 355pts 4

·         Terror Squad – The Brotherhood of Duplicity, Headsman with Lightning Claw, Melta-bomb and Bolter. 9 Executioners with 4 Bolters = 230pts 5

·         Terror Squad – Third Claw, Headsman with Power Axe and Melta-bomb, 9 Executioners with 2 Bolters, 5 Volkite Chargers and 1 Rotor Cannon = 249pts 6

·         Legion Tactical Squad – Midnights Storm, Sgt with Lightning Claw and Melta-bomb, 18 Legionaries with Additional Combat blades = 273pts 8

·         Legion Support Squad – The Faceless Murder, Sgt with Augry Scanner and Volkite Caliver, 9 Legionnaires with Volkite Calivers = 225pts 7

·         Night Raptors – The Sunless Host, Hunt master with Chain-glaive and Melta-bomb. 9 Raptors with 1 Chain-glaive, 1 Melta-gun, 1 Plasma Pistol and 1 Power weapon = 315pts 9

·         Storm Eagle Gunship – Korvash-ull (red tail fins), Las-cannons and Missile Launcher = 255pts 10 

·         Storm Eagle Gunship – Nishallitha Valas (white tail fins), Multi-melta and Hell strike missiles = 245pts 11

·         Sicaran Tank – Vallia Vor, sponson mounted Las-cannons and Auxiliary drive = 215pts 12

Army Total 3499pts

I hope you enjoy the Battle and AVE DOMINUS NOX.

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