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Monday, 5 February 2018

Daveco's Black Book of Heresy

It started as these things tend to, in the beginning. As our Bloggers arrived at warhammer world for our yearly pilgrimage to the Heresy Weekender. Abe and Stoned Rose, had vehicle issues as well you readers know. But what is not covered in the main weekender stories and fun is my Black book.

Black Library released a journal, a small black book with a golden book mark and lovingly embossed leather bindings. Its pages are thick and lined, at the bottoms of them is the heresy time line, detailing the important dates in it.


This was clearly a special thing, I myself am no writer or record keeper. So what to do with such a prize.
Nice thick pages

Important dates

Designed apparently by Tony Cottrell

I set myself the challenge of gathering every person who has anything to do with Heresy and getting them to autograph it. Normally not my thing either, some fans spend their lives gathering signatures and memorabilia of their heroes. But I am very new to this, so I set out at the weekender to get as many of them as I could. Artists, Designers, Authors and anyone else, it was like heresy Pokemon. But after the Entire weekend of my Ninja Commando actions and much sharpie scribbling I got every one of them except three. The three that got away. I will offer you no excuses as to why I did not get them but rest assured I will be tracking them down...
I missed Dan Abnett, Andy Hoare and Simon Eagn

Last one - Gave Thorpe

I will be at some point starting my Blood Angels army, that will naturally be posted on as it is built.
Hope you are enjoying Me and Abe's battle report too.

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