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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Newer stuff from day three of the weekender

Here’s some pics wiping comment for sake of speed, amazing necromunda stuff and some great new vehicles!

Pyrrhic cats for eschers

Water stealing bounty hunter I can’t remember the name of

Sumpcroc for Goliaths!

Cawdor bomb rats

Little blue familiar thingy- caryatid, apparently nowt to do with total recall, seems like I cheesed off the dude who wrote the rules by suggesting this....Quaaaade!

Escher character

Goliath weapons pack

More weapons

Squat bouncer hunter! Not the white dwarf in space 

House Orlck overlord and cyber mastiff

Orlock weapons pack

Orlock weapons pack

Painted warlocks

Deredeo middle rack

Spider man, spider man, mechanicum spider man

New dreadnought drop pod!

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