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Monday, 26 February 2018

Ravenguard- Alvarex Maun Conversion

So, here we go....

I wanted to add Avlarex Maun to my army as he helps the drop pod aspect and messed with my enemies reserves, thus preventing early reactions t my alpha strike with the pods.

But no model....probably never going to be one in my eyes...

So, how I made my version...

The main body is from the mkIV command pack. I then added an arm and power sword from the mkIV marine sprue, as Alvarez does carry a power sword. Next I added a Ravenguard shoulder pad and a standard plastic mkIV backpack.

The head was going to be the difficult bit, he’s meant to look like this:

I ended up with something slightly different, I used a space wold head and cut off the ‘burns. So his Mohawk has been left to grow a bit. I was going to paint in some facial hair but decided against it in the end. So here he is! In retrospect I’ve seen other conversions using a master of signal backpack to represent his special cox. Mine is more understated, I’m still happy and he’s definitely helped in my games!

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