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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Ravenguard- Legion Vigilator

This was my first character model for my Ravenguard, reckon he still stands the test of time and as there is no official model, good job I have him!

This Vigilator is a super Ravenguardy character, he isn’t that great overall but I’ve found him highly survivable and annoying for my opponents, so he often features in my armies.

The conversion uses a mkIV recce marine, a piece of manufactorum scenery, a marine head from god-knows-which plastic sprue and a converted stalker Bolter.

A closer look at the Bolter helps me explain the conversion. I took a plastic mkVI Bolter, added a sight from the mkVII sprue. Then I cut off the barrel and pinned a ruberized paper clip in (my favourite pinning item). I then used a high elf spear as the silencer. Ta-da!

I think he’s one of my better conversions!

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