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Monday, 12 February 2018

The Siege of Ambrose House Conclusion

  Hey everyone, Abe again.

  So that was the battle of Ambrose House, I must admit the game did not go entirely as I had planned. I point blank forgot to bring on my breacher squad (although they are so slow they would have played almost no part in the game) and my two rhinos deciding to die in synchronisation was not helpful.
  I would say that the biggest problem with my army as usual is speed, Salamanders are tough as old boots but boy are they slow.
  Of course my defending units acted like damn heroes weathering everything that my opponent could throw at me.
  And finally I wish we could have gotten to see who would have won the praetor fight but alas turn limits are a harsh mistress. Although if you think about it didn't this type of ending give us one of the greates Rocky moments of all time?
No, wait, not this one. This one...

  Well thanks for reading, until next time.


Well... Not as planed...

It was a good game for sure, plenty of “oh S*@t moments and a few of me laughing as the weak imperial dogs were torn asunder… Ahem. I maybe should have thrown my entire force at the defenders in turn 1 and 2, but where is the fun in that. My Sicaran was a bit of a let-down, I have used Vallia Vor (name of the tank) many times, it is one of those "50/50" units. The Tank is sometimes great and other times killed without a shot.
 My unit of the game goes to the Brotherhood of Duplicity Terror Squad, achieved little other than a petty kill on Abes veterans and then stole their rhino. Like true VIII Legion heroes!

After the game we did indeed let the two Praetors fight in a Rocky III style single spot lit arena. What happened? What do you think? Post comments on it, You could even take a leaf our of Abes book a write a short narrative about it.

Hope you enjoy our battle report it was a great day on the table top.

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