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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Another army! Rampagers for my World Eaters

A new army feature today. After I did my Iron Hands (yet to be revealed....maybe I'll redo them), I decided to do a traitor legion. As a challenge in painting white, I went for the World Eaters and also because they are iconic, super cool and I like the novel Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

I wanted an infantry heavy army, all World Eaters armies should be infantry heavy! Loads of assault troops. I started with tactical marines with bolt pistols and chainaxes, but more on those later. Today I'm showing may latest figures, a five man unit of Rampagers with jump packs.

Not a massive fan of these sculpts, I think the heads are a bit ugly and the gladiator aspect could have been more apparent (maybe helmets- gladiator style?). I used Kromlech swords for the falx bladers as the GW ones snap easily.

My method for the white is:

1. Undercoat white- with airbrush and vallejo white primer approx 1/4 vallejo thinner. This is imperative, you need a smooth base coat and for my spray can sometimes be grainy with white, so I used my airbrush.

2. Ulthuan grey air, same ratio as previous, consistency of milk,

3. Line the detail with the following mix Nuln oil/Agrax/Lahmian medium 1:2:1

4. Tidy up

5. Either line highlight with skull white OR before step 2 use the airbrush to highlight raised areas with white (I use vallejo air white).

6. I weather with thinned stirland battlemire and a sponge and blood for the blood god (I used a little khorne red with this for dried blood).

More World Eaters next time!


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