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Friday, 9 March 2018

Ravenguard- What Next?

A good question I think. This army is a decent size now, it's a bit harder to use than I thought as it only really has two elements:

1. Infiltrating stuff

2. Deep striking or flying stuff

This means your drops and tactics have to be spot on as the infiltrating part can be quickly overwhelmed, it's all about troop placement and movement. Which it should be with Ravenguard infantry. There is no killer unit, though the veterans do shoot very well.
So I guess what next should always fit two categories for me:

- Does it fit the army background?

- Is the unit reasonable enough in the game that I will use it/or is the background so good I'll use it regardless of rules?

So, here are my ideas:

1. Terminators in Tartaros armour: There are a few references to Corax using a company of veteran terminators for teleport actions into the midst of the enemy, this would be quite cool, but not really fit in with the rest of the army. However, a black terminator with a white helmet would look great!

2. Apothecaries: You see too many of them in my opinion and they are a good way to use the spawny tactic of points denial as you have to kill all three. However, as an elite infantry force behind enemy lines I think Ravenguard could justify minimising their casualties.

3. Landspeeders: any light infantry force needs support and landspeeder are a very mobile way of doing it. Javelins are super cool models too.

Image result for thunderhawk ravenguard

4. A super heavy flier: probably the only super heavy I could justify!

5. Maybe the most likely option, a Mor Deythan strike team with combi weapons in a Darkwing:These guys are quite good but I think there could be a more dynamic role for them

I usually take a fair bit of time off and do something else once an army is at this size, when I add something it'll be straight up on the blog.

Till next time,


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