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Thursday, 2 November 2017

More World Eaters

Hi Folks, slow week on the hobby front for me, work getting in the way of life and all that. That said, thought I'd try and show off the newest addition to Angron's army.
A Leviathan Siege Dreadnought.

So there he is, the big lad himself.

Only used him once so far and he seems pretty good at just mulching Infantry and chinning Tanks in melee, that said he was killed by Eidolon in combat (on the turn I charged him). Hey ho, seems like a solid unit and can really rack up a tally with the storm cannon.

Thanks guys


  1. Great job, interesting choice of armaments as I’d pair Storm Cannons or go two CCW, but I guess he can be more of a jack of all trades with both. Great colours and nice sooty weathering. Only criticism would be the barbed wire needs some weathering too, maybe a few washes or rust?

  2. Lovely! I really dig the white and red late-heresy scheme, and the build has a great sense of motion. Nicely done!