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Monday, 6 November 2017

On to Heresy: Part 2

On to Heresy Part II:

Building and Converting a VIII Legion Terror Squad.
Last time I shared some thoughts about the Nightlords and spoke about the reasons I like them. This time I will be walking you through how I build my newest addition to the Army.

1 Preparation.
Ok this sounds obvious but making sure you have all the tools, bits and glues needed. For this project I need some things that are not included in a normal GW set.

  • ·         Clippers
  • ·         Model Knife
  • ·         Razor Saw
  • ·         Super Glue
  • ·         Plastic glue
  • ·         Green Stuff (Kneadatite putty)

Kits I will need

  • ·         X10 MkIII Power Armoured Marines (the rest of my Nightlords are in MkIII where possible, I think it just looks scarier)
  • ·         MkIII Power Weapons Upgrade pack (Forge World)
  • ·         Volkite Charger Pack (Forge World)
  • ·         MkIII VIII Legion Shoulder Pads (Forge World)
  • ·         Chain-Glaive Set (Forge World)
  • ·         Skulls… Lots of Skulls (Luckily GW do a box with 300+ skulls in)
  • .     And some extra bits from my bits box

Yes, I know this is going to be an expensive unit with all those Forge World goodies, but other than the Shoulder pads I won’t be using all the bits. They will be used on future projects.

Thanks to GW for plastic heresy kits, they really save the wallet

2 Get to it.
Now I have all my stuff ready, time to do the building… Cue imagination. I love Terror squads, formed from the ruthless and brutal legionaries in the VIII. Terror Squads are a unit of murderers and tyrants without rival. I am going to try to represent this with my conversions, trying to make each miniature look a little different form the others.

MkIII Armour just looks much more brutal

The Headsman (Sgt.) has the much-feared Chain-glaive, a grisly trio of skull trophies and with an ironically worn honour crest. He is a striking figure within the Claw, most likely he killed his way to that position and now leads his Claw until he is killed. Other members of the Squad carry a mix of weapons, Bolt Pistols/guns, Volkite Chargers and combat blades. I wanted them to look as individual as possible. I don’t want to overdo the skulls, just the right amount is in order. When painted the bone colour will make a good contrast to the dark armour.

'Honour' crest worn ironically
MkIV chain sword from my bits box
Volkite fun!

 3 Prep and Primer
OK, as I have used resin components I will have to do a little prep-work before using the primer.
I have already washed the resin before assembly but sometimes it is tricky for primers to get a good layer over the resin. So I use Army Painter Anti-shine, it is great for putting a coat over resin that the primer can stick to.
Once that is done its time for the old favourate – UPOL black car Spray. It gives great coverage, is cheap and easy to get.

UPOL - its great!
In midnight clad? Not quite yet.

4 Base Coat
These guys have to fit in with the rest of my army, unfortunately GW have discontinued my Nightlords colour (Necron Abyss) After a good year of searching the closest I can find is Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue, so that’s what I use. Here is our Terror Legionary in this lovely blue.

That's better
Next Time…
I will be finishing the paint on the squad, taking it step by step and showing you how I get a good table top standard with the minimum of fuss.



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